Monday, December 7, 2015

The Sound of the Water Running in the Church

Dear fam and friends,

Wow this weekend. WOW. That is all I can say. Ahh it was the craziest, most spiritually filling weekend ever. So many good things! Heavenly Father is SO SO SO keenly aware of each of us. It is so humbling!

The Trifecta:
Everything for transfers went smoothly this week. We picked up Sister Dunlap in Oshkosh and have managed to fit all her stuff into the apartment with ours! I was honestly a little nervous for the trio just because it is something I haven't experienced and I've heard a few horror stories, but it is so great. We all get along super well and get work done! Teaching is the trickiest part - just figuring out how to involve everyone and not talk over each other, but we are getting a lot better at it. We have already seen some super cool miracles together! Sister Dunlap is from Reno, Nevada and she's a twin! Also she is half Filipino so I have one half Filipino companion and one half Swedish companion! Then there's me... full American? Ha but yeah Sister Dunlap is one of the kindest, sweetest, and most powerful missionaries I have met! I love serving with her and Sister Hansen!

Cassandra's Baptism:
Ah I just can't explain everything that happened this week! There was so much opposition leading up to Cassandra's baptism, it was unreal. It seemed like everything that could go wrong did and yet everything came together on Saturday afternoon for one of the most spiritually uplifting baptisms I've attended. I know that is because of Cassandra's preparation and her righteous desires. It was amazing to see the physical change in her countenance as she came up out of the water. She kept saying how she felt so free and light, that all the heaviness in her heart was gone and that she was at peace. Her confirmation yesterday was equally beauitful and afterwards she couldn't stop smiling(: The branch totally embraced her and supported her through this trying week. I am so grateful for each of them and the many sacrifices they make to help lift each other. At the beginning of the baptism a few of the recent converts shared their testimonies and the spirit engulfed everyone there - like wow. So strong. I am so grateful for the ordinance of baptism for the covenant we can make and the blessings of the Father. He is over all. He hears and answers our prayers and carries us through!

Hope you all got a chance to watch the 1st Presidency Christmas Devo - we are listening to Christmas music non-stop and talking with everyone about the 'A Savior Is Born Video.' How grateful I am that our Savior was born! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

Sister Kelley(:
Isaiah 53
Something random - so funny!

It all came together!

Our "Trifecta" and Cassandra

Me and Cassandra, she couldn't stop smiling!

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