Monday, December 14, 2015

Let it Snow...Please?

Dear fam and friends,
So I understand there was a huge snow storm back home?! What is this?! Wisconsin is experiencing the mildest winter they've seen in over 100 years! I'm still only wearing one pair of tights and it is DECEMBER!!! It has been raining nonstop for the last few days and everything is gray and muddy. I miss the snow. Sister Hansen has been praying every night for a white Christmas and Sister Dunlap has been expressing her gratitude for the warmth... haha(:

Appleton Zone Conference:
This week we had Zone Conference in Oshkosh - my very last one! It was such a good meeting. Sister Dunlap and I did our first and only training together. We taught about recognizing and addressing the concerns of those we teach. The assistants, zone leaders, and President and Sister Cutler all gave great trainings as well, but the highlight was the Christmas song medley we did! We sang (or some missionaries performed) all of the Christmas hymns and recited paragraphs of 'The Living Christ' between each hymn. It brought such a special spirit! Then I had the chance to give my departing testimony - I kept it together for the most part, but at the end we sang 'I Know the My Redeemer Lives' and I totally lost it. Ah the spirit was so strong!!!

Other Adventures:
We met this older lady who needed help vacuuming so we went over to her house this week and were able to spend some time helping her out and teaching her about forever families. Later in the week we scheduled back to back appointments at the church so we sat there for a few hours with people just coming to us to be taught - ha it was sweet, but we were happy to go out and walk around that night! We had a lesson with a less active and she brought her non-member friend!!! We got to teach the Restoration and answer questions.

Exchanges with Sheboygan:
Sister Koyle joined Sister Hansen and I here in Winnebago YSA for this exchange - it was a good time! We worked super hard and saw some sweet miracles. We got back in contact with this potential YSA named Alex. We had a great conversation with him and he accepted a Book of Mormon and wanted to read about the story of Alma the Younger. We also got this sweet referral for the Spanish elders and contacted a few of the referrals we had. Then later when we were driving this one house stuck out to us so we went back to knock it and met a Pastor and his family. We had a cool discussion with them and they accepted a Book of Mormon and invited us to their live nativity next week. Also Sister Koyle is stellar, she's going to be such an anchor for the mission.

Oh one last thing - we started going carol tracting and it is straight fire! People love it! And being in the trio makes it less awkward because 3 voices>>>2 voices. So yes. Success. We've been giving 'A Savior is Born' cards out like there's no tomorrow and so many 'gift' copies of the Book of Mormon! I am so grateful for this time to be serving as a full time missionary testifying of our loving Savior! As we rely on Him we won't make the difference, but we will BE the difference in the lives of those around us! We can truly be instruments in our Heavenly Father's hands at this time of the year and always(:

LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!
Sister Kelley(:
Isaiah 55:12
Receiving a package from home!

Feeling the love!

Sister Koyle and I, she's stellar!

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