Monday, November 9, 2015

The YSA Life

Dear fam and friends,

Oh man, time is going SO fast these days - since when is it Monday again?! Today is Sister Hansen's two month mark! My little trainee is growin up(: Since I'm only half training her I'm her step mom as far as the mission lingo goes, but since she was also trained by her cousin for a couple weeks after an emergency transfer with her original trainer, I am actually her 2nd step mom - so yeah her poor family tree is a little crazy(: But she is wonderful and since I don't think I've mentioned too much about Sister Hansen I'll try to fill you in a bit - she's from Salt Lake, she's 19, she LOVES kids and loves to talk(:, she was studying at the U before the mission, she is half Swedish, she loves Chinese food and she's 6 feet tall! She is such a sweet heart and so eager to jump in and learn. We're laughing all the time(:

YSA Work:
We have a couple solid investigators that are now both on date, but we're working hard to find right now. We did have an incredible lesson with our investigator Cassandra this week where we were able to set a baptismal date! Cassandra is a member referral who has been studying with the missionaries off and on for almost 3 years. She has come a LONG way and is so sweet. She truly wants to change her life. She called us earlier in the week saying she'd been reading Enos and totally connected. We read through the chapter with her and felt the spirit soo strong in verse 27. AH the scriptures are just soo good(:

Toilet Explosion:
Ugh. This week our toilet exploded during studies. And when I say exploded, I mean EXPLODED. Our bathroom floor was inches deep in toilet water... and since we only have a couple towels we had to sop up the water and wring out the towels in the bathtub. I've definitely done more pleasant things in my life. Ha ugh! Sister Hansen was dying laughing and sat writing in her journal about it, documenting the entire process. We made an epic video and after lots of scrubbing we have a clean bathroom once again! Phew!

The Branch Members:
I could just go on and on for days about how incredible the branch members are here! They are SO good to us. It's humbling to see how they are each sincerely trying their personal best to live the gospel. Whether they are are preparing for missions, working, or going to school they make time to help us out. They really are so great. This week during a new member lesson with a recent convert named Alvin, he told us how much the gospel has changed his life and how he went for a church to THE church. AHH. A good chunk of the branch members are converts and they carry the branch. Not only do we have great branch members, but we're also lucky to have a stellar branch mission leader and assistant! Viking and Tyler are planning a mini MTC experience for the ward missionaries this week which will be great to help them catch the missionary spirit and know how to fulfill their callings. We are working hard to find new YSAs to teach and to get connected with some of the less active YSAs who live a little farther away.

Oshkosh Exchange:
This week we had our first exchange with the Oshkosh Sisters, Sister Coley and Sister Lyons! They are both in our district so we get to see them a bunch which is fun(: They are both so sweet. So I spent the day in Oshkosh with Sister Lyons which was fun because we've been on quite a few exchanges together. The crazy thing is Sister Lyons grew up in Wisconsin and then moved out west and got her mission call to come back here! She is currently SERVING IN HER HOME WARD! How crazy is that?! We talked about ways she could reach out to her friends and invite them to learn about the gospel. We invited one of their investigators to baptism and happened to meet a couple less active YSAs! I am so excited we get to do exchanges so we can travel and meet with some of the YSAs (and hopefully their friends!!!) we wouldn't normally be able to see!

Sunday Miracles:
Yesterday was so so good. We set a high member present lesson goal this week and were really trying to get out with the members, but we were still 2 MP lessons short when we went to church. At church though we were able to get 2 lessons set up and arrange for a couple of the branch members to come with us to each one! It was such an answer to prayer and made us super happy! Little moments like that just prove that Heavenly Father is soo aware of us and He respects our righteous desires! I am just so grateful for that and for our Savior! I know He lives!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful week! Thanks for the support and encouragement always(: LOVE YOU!!!!
Sister Kelley
Enos 1:27

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