Monday, November 23, 2015

Parking Ticket

Dear fam and friends,

I don't think I've ever driven so much in my life... Ha we spent a TON of time in the car this week, but despite the time we spent driving and the time we spent in meetings, we still got a ton of good work done!

Exchange in Fond du Lac:
So we started off the week with an exchange in Fond du Lac. I spent the day with Sister Jenson down there while Sister Passey came up here to be with Sister Hansen. Sister Jenson reminds me a ton of Sister Schlosser. Though she's only been out for 11 weeks she is incredibly bold! We got in with a former to teach the first discussion and we extended a powerful baptismal invite. We also street contacted into this super cute YSA who has recently been looking for truth. We shared a copy of the Book of Mormon with her and got her info to follow up. I really hope the sisters can begin teaching her!

Mission Leadership Council in Milwaukee:
After exchanging back with the Fond du Lac sisters we had a couple appointments and then hit the road again, this time heading to Milwaukee. We stayed overnight with Sisters Gross and Smeltzer in Milwaukee 1. Unfortunately we parked where we weren't supposed to... and now owe $10 to the city of Milwaukee.... UGHH. Ha and driving in Milwaukee was a JOKE! We left early the next morning to drive to the Milwaukee South Stake Center, but the traffic was so bad we were almost late for Mission Leadership Council! thankfully we arrived just in time and were able to go into the meeting with everyone else(: As always it was fun to see everyone, especially Sister Escobar and hear from President and Sister Cutler. Elder and Sister Schwitzer of the 70 joined us as well and Elder Schwitzer shared an inspiring training! A few fav insights include...
- 'repentance is a form of restoration'
- 'repentance is the key to gaining a testimony and receiving eternal life'
- 'don't invite out of duty, invite out of love'
- 'you can be the vehicle whereby miracles come to pass'
- 'we are fishers of men and members are the best fish finders'
- '3 P's of revelation: persue the facts, ponder the solution, pray for confirmation'

Contacting in West Bend:
Since we were down in Milwaukee we decided to use our miles effectively and spend the day contacting in West Bend which is part of our area we don't get to very much. It was fun because we figured out a YSA I used to work with in Green Bay had moved to West Bend so we went to visit her and her Grandparents.

Mission Tour in Green Bay:
The day after MLC we had Mission Tour in Green Bay with the Appleton, Wausau, and Green Bay zones! I got to see Sisters Payne and Schlosser again which was super fun! Plus a bunch of other mission friends. We got to hear from Elder and Sister Schwitzer and President and Sister Cutler and the APs. It was a great meeting - made us super pumped about our mission goal for the end of the year! I especially loved the special sister meeting Sister Schwitzer did in the morning. Again some of my fav insights:
- 'be really good at being you'
- 'the spirit doesn't dwell in a mess'
- 'don't forget to sing! Especially at Christmas time'
- 'You come from good stock. Hold you head up, pull your shoulders back. You can do hard things!'
- 'convert don't convince'
- 'once you invite a person to repent, you invite yourself to help'

Stake Conference in Appleton:
The day before Stake conference President Kindt called and asked if I would speak. Ha so I got to speak in Stake Conference with President and Sister Cutler! So that was fun! I was a little nervous, but it all came together and turned out well. I used the classic lighthouse story with hymn #335 and talked about what members can do to invite their friends. It was a good stake conference. Some of my fav insights include:
- 'conversion has no beginning and no end'
- 'the Sabbath day is not my day, it is the Lord's'
- 'life has a way of humbling you'
- 'part of the natural man is the natural mind'
- 'peace is less a reward and more an attribute'

Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving this week! I am so grateful to be a missionary(: I'm grateful for each of you and incredibly grateful for the knowledge of this gospel! I am grateful for a loving Heavenly Father and for His Son. I LOVE YOU!!!

Sister Kelley(:

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