Monday, November 16, 2015

Is Not Easily Provoked...

Dear fam and friends,

This week has been good. Crazy, but good. I am loving the mission-wide study we are doing right now of 'The Living Christ.' Every week we are memorizing a new paragraph and studying a Christ-like attribute that corresponds with the paragraph. We're a couple paragraphs in and will end the last week of December. So this past week we were memorizing the second paragraph and studying charity. I love how charity is defined in the Bible dictionary as 'the highest, noblest, purest form of love' and the classic Moroni 7 'charity suffereth long...' Sister Hansen and I had a bunch of great comp study conversations about it and our catch phrase for the week was 'is not easily provoked' because a ton of unfortunate, annoying stuff happened, but we kept our cool or at least tried to(:

Sheboygan Exchange:
Ah so the exchange with Sheboygan almost didn't happen because of the craziness going on, but I am so glad it all worked out because it was such a good exchange. I was with Sister Carlini again and Sister Hansen went to Sheboygan with Sister Koyle. I absolutely love these sisters! Sister Carlini and I have been going on exchanges together since the beginning of her mission (7 months ago!) so I have been able to see her grow a TON! She is such a sweetheart and we got some solid work done while we were together. We took a less active with us to visit another less active and they both totally needed the lesson we taught and after the lesson they came with us to have a Book of Mormon read with a recent convert and later to see our investigator Cassandra - ha everyone was getting into the missionary spirit, it was so fun!

Pre-Thanksgiving Potluck:
Mmm we had this wonderful Thanksgiving dinner potluck with the branch after church yesterday. The food was great plus Cassandra was there and she brought a friend! His name is Danny. He was actually baptized into the church with his family when he was younger, but hasn't been to church in a long time. The YSAs did such a great job fellowshipping him and he said he'd be there again next week!

This is the Lord's Work:
AH so I know this is the Lord's work, but really THIS IS THE LORD'S WORK! We had this cool miracle happen where we really felt like we had a small glimpse of Heavenly Father's plan for this area. It is super neat because this revelation has been received by us, President Cutler, President Munson, and the Appleton Stake President - all these pieces coming together just showing that the Lord is working with and inspiring each of us to do the work He wants done with the Winnebago YSA branch. I am so grateful to be here and be a part of it! There is so much growth to be had here, I can just feel it!!!

Jaclyn's Referral:
So a couple weeks ago Jaclyn gave me this referral of her great Uncle Johnny and Aunt Teddy. They live pretty out of the way so we hadn't had time to contact them, but this week we had an appointment near their house so we dropped by to visit with them too! They were hesitant to talk with us at first, but when I explained that I had grown up with Jaclyn they got so excited and told us all about their family! They pulled out old pictures of Jeff and we looked through them and talked about families being together forever. It was awesome! Ha Johnny and Teddy are such good people! They agreed to let us come over one more time for a Christmas message in December(:

DVD Miracle:
Last night we had this sweet miracle showing the member involvement DVD. I don't think I've mentioned the DVD too much, but it's something President Cutler has been pushing in the mission for a few months now. It's a 10 minute video of some recent converts sharing their conversion stories and how the gospel has blessed them. President has asked that we show it twice a week to members and less actives in all the units in the mission. Honestly it's super cheesy, but we always end up having a great discussion about our personal conversion and we're able to ask for referrals. We had only showed it once for last week when our appointment cancelled last night): BUT we followed a prompting to check up on this less active YSA and his Mom in Appleton and THEY WERE HOME! We got in with them and were able to show the DVD and have a great lesson. Josh committed to coming to church next week too! We were pumped! It is humbling to see the blessings come for following the counsel of your priesthood leaders - even when at first you are a little hesitant because the DVD is so cheesy...(:

In other news... We're having toilet problems again. UGHHH.

That's all I have time for! Hope you have a wonderful week(: Celebrate lots for the anniversary Mom and Dad! Thanks for being such great examples(: I am so grateful for each of you and for the support you are to me! I am incredibly grateful for my Savior, for His example and atoning sacrifice. I love being a missionary, I love Wisconsin, I love this work and of course, I LOVE YOU!

Sister Kelley(:
1 Nephi 16:29
Sister Hansen and I
Sister Carlini and I
Us with Cherie:)
Sister Hansen and I with Uncle Johnny!
Fun pics of Jeff and Joni that Uncle Johnny & Aunt Teddy shared:)
Awww, so cute!

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