Monday, November 2, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Dear fam and friends,

Happy late Halloween!! Hope you all had a wonderful week(:

Blisters for days:
So lets see, this week my companion and I thought we had ran out of miles for the month (well actually enough miles for us to drive only 7 miles a day haha) so we decided that for that week we would be walking everywhere. This proved to be rather difficult. On Tuesday we had our district meeting in Oshkosh and that's what used up all our miles since it's 45 minutes away and we also went up to the university in Oshkosh so on Wednesday is when we began to trek ourselves everywhere. We decided to walk over to the Myers and drop off an invitation for the Neenah ward's Trunk or Treat event. While this is maybe a 10 minute drive, it somehow turned into an hour long walk, maybe 3 miles? (to be fair our GPS was malfunctioning for half the time and you know how awful I am with directions) After that we had an appointment with one of our investigators at 3:30 so at 1 we turned around and started the walk back in the opposite direction to Neenah. At about 3:00 we weren't even halfway there and we realized there was no way we were gonna make it on time so we called him and asked if we could push it to 4:30, which he thankfully said worked. At 4 though we had walked 4 miles from the Meyer's and still were barely half way to our appointment. Thankfully a member was able to pick us up at a gas station that we were able to find refuge in. Oh yeah, it was also raining and the bottoms of my shoes have holes in them... so wet feet and lots of walking made for some nasty blisters. Ha I think I'll have to retire my holey shoes!

MTC Crew:
Friday was our Mission Leadership Council meeting, and since it was in Oshkosh we had to use our car and they were able to reimburse 30 out of the 38 miles that it took to get there. So we were able to drive a little, but still were hurting for miles big time! Anyway MLC was as wonderful as ever - President and Sister Cutler are just so great(: It was fun to see Sister Payne again and a bunch of other mission friends.

Branch Scavenger Hunt:
We had a branch activity scavenger hunt where we had to take pictures of ourselves and film us doing crazy things. Some items on the list included playing patty cake with a stranger, serenading a stranger, and trying on the craziest outfit at walmart. We had done all these things and more, and my companion and I were able to hand out some pass along cards and share a few short messages so it was a win win! Plus a bunch of less actives and recent converts we're working with showed up as well!

Reverse Trick or Treating:
Saturday was H A L L O W E E N and that was a busy day indeed. Another member was able to drive us to our appointment with our investigator Cherie (who showed up to church this Sunday woo!!) and be present for that lesson with her. She was also able to drive us to a lesson with a recent convert, oh, she is a recent convert herself as well and we are absolutely obsessed with her. Her name is Karlene and she loves the Packers, just like everyone else here haha. Well she was able to drive us up to Appleton as well for a lesson we had scheduled with Alvin. From there we met at a members house waiting for Alvin to arrive there and in the mean time sewed little puffs of cotton unto a shirt with the number 9 on it, if you can guess what the costume was you win. Afterwards we left to go to bake cookies at a family's house from the Neenah ward and had a lesson with them and had dinner. Then took the treats around as a reverse-trick-or-treat(:

Miles Mishap:
When we got home we calculated the miles we had used for the month. We were given 1125 miles and guess how much we had used... only 1076... that means we had close to 100 miles left that we could have used. Long story short, pay attention in math class. And the members here in Wisconsin are the most charitable service oriented people I have ever met. To have so many members be willing to drag us around city to city, and to provide for us is such a humbling experience. Even though this week has been crazy as ever, I know that the people here will always have our backs.

Fasting Miracle:
Yesterday we were able to see a huge miracle where we had three of our investigators attend church and even a potential who had met with missionaries years ago and since hasn't been to church but felt the prompting to attend yesterday! His name is Clinton and I was able to talk and get to know him more and although we were unable to get his contact information, Sister Hansen and I are hopeful that we will see more of him in our future as we continue to be obedient and faithful, we have truly seen so many tender mercies and miracles through our mission fast and we are so thankful for the strength our Heavenly Father gives to us every day!

LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sister Kelley

PS Huge highlight of the week was when Liz, one of the recent converts I got to teach in Rapids came back from school out at BYU Idaho and came to the YSA ward on Sunday! We got to see each other for a bit and it was THE BEST THING! Love her!
Carving pumpkins on FHE.
Us not being able to use our car....
Sister Hansen and I .
MTC crew reunited at MLC.
Sister Escobar, Sister Kunz and I at MLC ! My MTC buds!!!!!!!!!!
Liz (recent convert from Rapids) came to the YSA ward
on Sunday to visit! I was SOOO happy to see her!!!!!!!!!!

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