Monday, September 14, 2015

Improper fractions and the first three discussions

Dear fam and friends,

This week has FLOWN by. I know I say that every week, but seriously. The time is flying! Transfers are always busy so I'll chalk it up to that. It was crazy getting Sister Elkington all packed up, but such a fun time too(: Her last proselyting lesson was SO powerful. We drove out to Denmark to meet with Mariah and her little brother Daylan to teach them to pray often. Mariah was able to share her testimony about prayer with her younger brother and help teach him how to pray - the spirit was so thick in their little kitchen. Such a tender experience(: Saying goodbye to Sister Elkington was tough - I miss that girl! But on Wednesday Sister Payne arrived and she's hilarious so we have a good time(:

Word of Wisdom:
This week we had some great lessons with our investigator Ashley. She has been having a mini family scripture study in the morning with her boys before they get off to school, she is so great!(: We taught her the Word of Wisdom this week and had Sister Winchester come as our member present. Sister Winchester was able to bear powerful testimony from the experiences of her son and by the end of the lesson Ashley said she felt the Word of Wisdom was true and committed to give up coffee! We're having a lesson with their family in the Mill's home tomorrow night and can't wait!

Working with the Young Women:
We've been working with Sister Ross, the YW's President, to start this new thing where we go out with the young women once a month to visit some of the less active young women and leave them with a short spiritual thought. For the YW activity this week we met with the girls to discuss our game plan and how we can help these inactive YW feel loved - it turned out really well and is something I am super excited about!

Math Help and the Restoration:
We had an awesome Restoration lesson with Alejandra, an investigator we tracted into a couple weeks ago and have been helping to learn more about God and Jesus Christ. She has been praying and reading the Book of Mormon so when we taught the Restoration again she really understood it and was excited! She also asked if we'd help her with some math homework so we went over when her husband would be home so he could watch the kids and we could help her with math, but when we got there her husband put their little girls in their room so he could ask us about the things we'd shared with his wife. As I sat and helped Alejandra with improper factions, Sister Payne sat with Jerrardo and taught the first three discussions! He was asking so many sincere questions, the spirit was exploding into our math session. I have never felt the spirit so strongly while doing math problems. Ha it was SO sweet! As Alejandra and I finished the math assignment, she turned to me and began asking about baptism and how she could prepare to be baptized. It was THE coolest thing. We said a kneeling prayer all together at the end and there was no denying the spirit was there. Both Alejandra and Jerrardo recognized it. Sister Payne and I got in the car and were talking about it non-stop till we went to bed(:

De Pere a dud? Think again!:
Earlier in the week we used a bunch of miles to drive out to De Pere, but our appointments cancelled so we were feeling pretty bummed and annoyed we'd wasted our miles. We were really trying to be lead by the spirit as we contacted potentials and visited less actives, but NO ONE was home. Then we were driving along and we saw this less active we haven't been able to get in contact with for weeks! We parked and ran over to her and were able to talk for almost an hour. Such a tender mercy. Then we street contacted some people near there and met this solid couple, Ace and Rachel. They do a lot of self study from the Bible and listened as we explained the Book of Mormon. We shared a copy with them and have been texting back and forth about it with Rachel since then. We're really hoping they come to church Sunday!!! We felt so blessed it ended up being a good day in De Pere.

The Grass Cliff:
I'm not sure if I've written home about the grass cliff or not, but we're taking care of a member's non-member mother's lawn trying to do service and teach her a bit and she has a HUGE grass cliff we attempt to mow. This week the elders came over to help because it was growing out of control! They tied a rope to this push lawn mower and lowered it down the cliff then pulled it back up again and repeated all the way down. I'm not sure if you're getting the mental image here or not, but it was hilarious and we all died laughing. Joan, the sassy 74 year old lady we're helping got a real kick out of it and absolutely loves us all(:

Stir Fry and Priesthood Blessings:
The Vanderhydens had us and the English Elders over for dinner last night - it is always such a treat to go over there(: They made this delicious stir fry and we had a great discussion about Priesthood blessings. We went around the table sharing experiences we've had receiving or witnessing the power of a priesthood blessing and how faith was a key component in those experiences. I am so grateful the Priesthood has been restored to the earth and that we all are able to receive those blessings as we exercise faith and ask!

I am so so grateful to still be here in Green Bay. There are so many good things going on right now and we're seeing so many miracles! I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve as a full-time missionary, I love this work! Keep helping the missionaries back home and praying for opportunities to share the gospel(: Well we're off to go frisbee golf with some of the zone, hope you all have a wonderful week! LOVE

Sister Kelley(:

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