Monday, September 28, 2015

Fruit Ninja Warriors!

Dear fam and friends,

Did you get to see the moon eclipse thing last night? We were at Jamie's for one of her new member lessons with the Mills and we sat outside watching it for a few minutes - so sweet! I'm sure Zach took pictures so I look forward to seeing those(:

Exchanges with Green Bay 1:
So this week was good! We went on our first exchange of the transfer with GB1. I went to GB1 with Sister Adams-Hart while Sister Payne held down the fort here in GB2 with Sister Wright. While in the car Sister Adams-Hart and I listened to 'You Were Born to Lead, You Were Born for Glory' by Sister Sheri Dew. It is such an incredible talk! It totally pumped us up for all the tracting and contacting we did. We visited this former and had an awesome conversation with her! She said she had been thinking about baptism a lot after she stopped meeting with the missionaries and that her member friend had been reaching out to her as well. We set a return appt with her and are hopeful to see her progress!

Strength of the Youth:
Ahh Mariah is progressing so so well(: Her baptismal date is all set for October 14th - we are doing it Wednesday night as the youth activity so all of the young men and young women in the ward can be there! In our lesson at the Ross's yesterday Mariah kept talking about how excited she is for her baptism so she can have a fresh new start - how wonderful it is that we can all have a fresh new start each week as we recommit and renew our baptismal covenants through the Sacrament(: Ah we are so excited for her! This week we had a couple lessons in the Ross's home, one at the Rau's, one at the church with a bunch of the young women - it is amazing to see how all the youth have come together to fellowship her! It has been such a sweet experience to hear the simple yet powerful testimonies of the youth out here. They are incredible! This week was also our week to go out with the YW for less active visits. We went with the Mia Maid group and had a great visit/short lesson with one the less active girls in their class. It is so fun to see how the youth are getting so into missionary work here(:

Fruit Ninja:
We used this giant sword thing to chop up cucumbers and bananas. It was real life fruit ninja. BEST. THING. EVER.

My GB2 Peeps:
I could just rave for hours and hours about the members here. Seriously, soo many good people. There has been a huge focus in the mission to work with the members so we have member lessons and lessons in member's homes as much as we possibly can! We've been so blessed in this area to have such missionary oriented members who are willing to help us out. This week we had a fun general conference prep lesson with the Cook family which was a blast! Then we had dinner with the Vanderhydens last night which is always such a treat - I've had so many spiritual experiences sitting around their blue kitchen table! Last night the message was on prophets and we were all able to share our testimonies. I am so grateful for a living prophet who testifies of Christ, giving us guidance and direction!

Interviews and Women's Conference:
Highlights of the week include interviews with President Cutler and the Women's General Broadcast! Ahh how I love interviews! They always come at the perfect time. It was so nice to be able to talk with President Cutler and get the guidance and direction I needed. I am so excited for these next few months!!! Also the Women's Conf. was grand. Always a bit cheesy, but this time for some reason it was projected with an ASL interpreter and the interpreter for President Uchtdorf's talk was a character! Ha he was getting suuuuper into it. So so funny. Ha but the Women's conference messages about living the gospel joyfully and finding happiness in our journey were so great!

Oh and this old lady kissed me on the cheek this week, ha good times(: Well I'm super excited for conference and to hear/see Dan sing Saturday afternoon! Hope you all have a wonderful conference weekend! LOVE YOU!!!

Sister Kelley(:

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