Monday, August 3, 2015

So This Week Happened.

Dear fam and friends,

This week has been a blur, ha so many crazy things! Honestly so much has happened I just can't even begin to explain it all so I guess it's going to be one of those stories for after the mission.. But I will try to fill ya in on a few things. On Wednesday morning we finished getting Sister Pope all packed and sent her off on her way! Sister Wright, Sister Dunlap, and I waited at transfer point with the Elders until the transferring missionaries made it up to Green Bay. Sister Elkington and I got together and immediately started talking about everybody in Wisconsin Rapids - we've been talking about Rapids nonstop since. Ha it is so fun that we both had the chance to serve there! Sister Elkington brought a few letters for me from people there which was the absolute best, love them!

Lori's Confirmation:
So backing up a bit, on Sunday, Lori was confirmed by Brother Sieber! Her confirmation was truly beautiful. She said she felt like she had butterflies pouring from her heart because she felt the spirit so
strong(: I love that in the confirmation blessing the words are, 'receive the Holy Ghost' and that it is our choice to receive it or not. Even after we are baptized and confirmed we make that choice each day as we choose to do things that invite the spirit and help us to be in tune!

Sister Pope's Last Day:
We were still low on miles so we were having the time of our lives busing and biking around(: Ha it was an adventure for sure. We had some solid lessons on Sister Pope's last day here and were able to say goodbye to Jamie and Lori. We had a lesson with Lori and her husband Steve to talk about everything after the baptism and confirmation.

Sister Elkington:
Okay the last few days have been wonderful! I love Sister Elkington already and am so so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who is allowing us to spend her last transfer together! I have felt so confident that Heavenly Father loves me and is aware of me this week - through the craziness there have been so many tender mercies and being companions with Sister Elkington is definitely one of those! We set some great transfer goals during our weekly planning and received some revelation during Mission Leadership Council about how to help the work progress here and help the sisters we exchange with. It was exciting to hear about the mission wide success we've been seeing and to plan ways to untie as a mission more! This transfer is jam packed and I cannot wait to get to work!

Crazy Connections:
This week we received a couple referrals we are extra super stoked about! Kendall, a recent convert I taught in Madison texted us about her Uncle moving back into the Green Bay area. Turns out he had been in Utah and had met with the Provo Sisters 3 times and they had set a baptismal date for him! He just moved back to Green Bay so we reached out to him to set up a time to meet together. While we were talking on the phone we realized that I had met him in person at Kendall's baptism in December and now we are going to be working with him!!! Also a former I had contacted while in Madison just moved to Green Bay and we have an appointment set up with her for tonight - so crazy that all these connections are being made up here!

I know our Savior lives and loves us, how grateful I am for the chance to share this knowledge everyday! Hope you all have a wonderful week,

love you!
Sister Kelley(:

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