Monday, August 10, 2015

Growth in Green Bay

Dear fam and friends,

AHHHH I just love that you got to go to Sister King's Homecoming, isn't she THE ABSOLUTE BEST?! And you met Kendall?! Aw man I love them SO SO much! I was also happy to hear Zach survived his surgery - pretty sure I was way more swollen than that though! Sounds like your week was jam packed! Ours was busy too, so many good things!

Green Bay Zone Conference:
The Marquette Sisters got to stay the night with us before Zone Conference which is always a blast(: Then randomly we didn't have to present a training so it was a nice relaxing meeting for us! As always it was great to see President and Sister Cutler, they both gave inspiring trainings. President asked for a volunteer and had Elder Baldwin eat a snickers bar in front of everyone. He pointed out the phrase on the wrapper: Snickers - Satisfies. He asked Elder Baldwin if he felt satisfied after eating the Snickers bar and he said that he did. President then went on and asked him to eat 4 more Snickers bars one at a time. Ha poor Elder Baldwin was dying by the end, but President made his point. Snickers don't satisfy. He went on to teach about what brings true satisfaction. He expounded Lehi's dream and blew our minds. Ha being on the path working toward eternal life, family life, is what brings true happiness and satisfaction in this life and the life to come.

Lesson Highlights:
This week we had an object lesson with Jamie using s'mores - we talked about what we can do to have s'more and s'more of the spirit in our lives. It was a bit sticky, but a fun lesson nonetheless. Later in the week Jamie came to an appointment with us - she is such a great member already(: In other good news, we got back into contact with Ashley and had a powerful lesson with her. She opened up to us a lot and talked about how she has noticed a different feeling in her home when we come over. She said when we leave that feeling leaves, but she doesn't want it to ever leave! We explained about the spirit and invited her to be baptized. She is now working towards a date. Then there is Sharon, a less active lady we found and have been working with. She is wonderful! This week we asked if she was ready to come back to church. She said she had been thinking about pulling her skirts back out... (: We are taking Sister Vanderhyden to a lesson with her this week so we hope with that friendship she'll have the courage to come back into full activity! Then we just began teaching Mariah, the grand daughter of a less active lady in the ward. Mariah went to Girls Camp a month or so ago and loved it! She has been coming to church and wants to learn more. We are involving the YW with her lessons which is super fun!

Cheesecake Heaven:
Sister Winchester took us to lunch after coming out with us this week in the rain! Ha she was such a trooper! She spoiled us by taking us to this cute cafe called Cheesecake Heaven. My Lemon Poppyseed slice was divine. I've got to admit I'm a big Cheesecake fan these days Mom... sorry for always whining before(;

Exchanges with Winnebago YSA:
Sister Lamprecht came here with me while Sister Elkington went to the YSA Neenah/Appleton area with Sister Gifford. Sister Lamprecht is so stinkin cute and so great at relating with people. As we were pulling up to Jamie's for a lesson there were some people wearing skirts/suits and Sister Lamprecht was like, "are they Mormon?" We pulled up and it was Sister Pope and her parents! They came back for the baptism of a girl Sister Pope had taught in Milwaukee and then drove up to Green Bay that night to come to the lesson with us! It was such a fun surprise and so great to see her(:

Surprise Visit:
Elder Martino and Elder Scott of the seventy visited the Green Bay 2nd Ward this week! They both spoke in sacrament meeting and brought such a strong spirit. Elder Scott talked about the importance of the Sabbath Day. Elder Martino talked about how he had felt inspired to come to Green Bay and had planned this unexpected visit. He said he came because this stake has great potential for growth! He challenged the members to become more converted themselves and to reach out to those around them. It was an inspiring meeting. I am so grateful to be here and hope I can be doing my very best to contribute to this growth in Green Bay! We are excited to work with the members building off of Elder Martino's counsel!

Love and miss you, but I am so pumped about the work here in Green Bay! Things are good, I am learning and growing so so much. I know the Savior lives and the power of His Atonement is real!

Sister Kelley(:

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