Monday, August 31, 2015

Eternal Life = Family Life

Hey everyone! Hope you all are doing well!(:

We have been sooo blessed here in Green Bay! Seriously so many good things are going on and we couldn't be more grateful. We had Mission Leadership Council in Oshkosh this week so we were able to meet together representing the mission and talk about the many miracles we've been seeing! We had a sweet training about using Family Home Evening as a member missionary work opportunity and another training on learning to recognize the promptings of the Spirit more fully. As always it was great to see President and Sister Cutler and all of our mission friends(:

Looking for a Church:
So the other day Sister Elkington and I were about to leave an area that we were in when we got a call from a member wanting us to stop over at their house. We decided the best use of our time before we stopped over at their house was to tract a couple of doors. We knock on the door of this house and this guy walks out and before we can even say who we are he says "I've been looking for a church. Do you have any suggestions?" ... (: Sister Elkington and I looked at each other and were like yes, yes we do(: Afterwards we were chatting about it, and we just realized how much Heavenly Father plays a role in missionary work! If Brother Holcombe hadn't called at that moment we would've left that area to go work somewhere else and we wouldn't have met Ryan when we did. The Lord is in the details of His work!

Appleton Exchange:
Got to spend time with Sister Rosenblum on exchanges in Appleton - she's from Tennesse and has such a sassy Southern attitude, we had a lot of fun together! We met with this cute young Mom named Stacie and her daughter Lexi. We were able to get Lexi to YW and she loved it! Also met and found a few new investigators for them. All good things. Sister Elkington and Sister Trent saw miracles here as they got in contact with an investigator who was MIA.

The Grunden Family:
Highlight of the week was definitely the fact that the Grunden family got sealed!!! How grateful I am for the Priesthood power on the earth again - this power that binds families together and brings lasting happiness! Sister Elkington and I are both so grateful to know their family and to see how the gospel has changed and blessed them. ETERNAL LIFE IS FAMILY LIFE!

Sacred Sabbath:
We just had the most stellar Sabbath day yesterday! Our investigator Ashley and her husband Gabriel, and their 5 kids came to church and stayed all three hours! The ward fellowshipped them so well and really helped them feel loved. Gunnar and Alexa (recently returned missionaries / future newly weds in the ward) helped keep the kids quiet. It has been such blessing having them around the last few weeks to help with lessons! They are getting married on Friday! Anyway Ashley, Gabriel, and the kids all had a great time at church, they are doing so well(: Then Mariah was there as well and she is really starting to open up to us, she is such a sweet heart! She went to Bishopric Youth Discussion with Charley and some of the other YM/YW and really seemed to have a good time. Then Lori and Jamie were there and Bishop taught an incredible 5th Sunday lesson on keeping the Sabbath Day Holy. We've been sharing a fun FHE with people using ice cream Sundaes and putting different toppings on our Sundaes (i.e. ketchup is good, but not on a Sundae! So we had little labels like shopping is good, but not on a Sunday!) Not sure if that makes sense, but it is a cute object lesson that seems to get the point across and make everyone happy(: I am grateful for Sundays - for the spiritual recharge and the chance to partake of the Sacrament and recommit to do a little better each week.

Well that's all we've got time for, so many good things! Hope you all have a good week as school starts up and the leaves start to change(: I am so excited for Wisconsin fall! Wisconsin winter... ehhh not so much... But fall, fall is good(: This week is Sister Elkington's last one in the mission, it will be hard to say goodbye to her. This transfer together has gone by way too fast! She is such a consecrated
missionary, I've learned a ton from her. Her positive attitude is contagious and we're always laughing(: We find out about transfers on Saturday and because of Labor Day we'll have P-day on Tuesday, so I'll write to you then! LOVE YOU!!!!!

Sister Kelley(:

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