Monday, July 27, 2015

Lori's Baptism!

Dear fam and friends,

We checked the transfer board this morning and I'm staying in Green Bay! Sister Pope is headed home and I'll be teaching Sister Elkington the ropes of STL life. Sister Elkington has served the past 5 transfers in Wisconsin Rapids (where I was trained) so I am super excited to ask her how everyone is doing!

Sister Monroe Moment:
There was a bit of a mix up with miles for the car this month so we've been walking, getting rides with members, busing, and biking a lot this week! The ward members have been so helpful, we are so grateful! A couple of members loaned us bikes to use so we had a fun time trying to figure out how to bike in skirts. We were riding through an intersection and I had a bit of a Marilyn Monroe moment as my skirt flew up! Ha good times. It was great to be back on the buses again, but Green Bay just doesn't have the same caliber of a metro system as Madison does.

Blitzing Sheboygan:
The APs had us blitz Sheboygan instead of exchanging because we were short on miles this transfer. It was fun to spend the night with Sister Carlini and Sister Wilson in beautiful Sheboygan. Sister Wilson and I had a great day together! I was so grateful to spend time with her and learn from her Christ-like example. As we went out to contact on the pier we had lessons with this a young Hmong guy, a Muslim family from Syria, an athiest old man, and a very Christian couple who were having basically the worst day of their lives (he had lost his job and she'd lost her wallet and they had just moved to Sheboygan so they were living out of their car and yet they were sitting by the pier enjoying the beautiful view and talking about what to do) anyway we had lessons with all of these VERY different people and the gospel had perfect relevance for each of them. I love the gospel!!!

The Right Door:
We had this huge miracle this week as we went out with Sister Ross to try to track down one of the missing less active young women in the ward. We had an address for the apartment complex she was staying at, but not the right apartment number. There were hundreds of apartments, but we truly were guided by the spirit and knocked the right door and she was there! SUCH A MIRACLE!

The Burning:
To celebrate Sister Pope's mission we had a big bonfire with the Vanderhyden's where she lit an outfit of hers on fire! It was super sweet! It has been so fun to hear all her mission stories the last few months and to learn from her testimony and example. Sister Pope loves the Book of Mormon and does a great job of instilling that love in the hearts of those she teaches. I have learned a lot from her and will miss her a bunch! Going home seems to be such a bittersweet thing. There have been so many tender mercies the past transfer and to end with Lori's baptism really meant a lot to Sister Pope. I am so grateful for the chance I've had to serve with her(:

Lori's Baptism:
This week we finished up teaching Lori about the Priesthood and enduring to the end. She was so prepared for her baptism. Unfortunately her husband, who has been supportive this entire time, decided not to attend the baptismal service or her confirmation. This was hard on Lori, but she said she couldn't deny what she knew and that she knew she needed to be baptized. She has so much faith! We had an incredible lesson in the chapel the night before her baptism and that same spirit was there during the service the next day. The service was such an amazing experience - one of those moments when the spirit is so strong you don't want to move! I didn't want that moment to ever end. After she was baptized Lori was super happy and said she had butterflies in her heart because of the spirit, ha so cute! Her confirmation the next day was equally beautiful and she prayed at the end of Relief Society, it is amazing to see how much she has changed!

Book Club Murder Mystery:
We also had the best Book of Mormon book club EVER last night as we read and discussed Helaman 8 and 9 with Jamie, Angie, and the GB1 Sisters. Jamie put a ton of work into organizing it into a murder mystery where we all played different parts and had to figure out who had murdered the chief judge! The party was equip with Book of Mormon treats and disguises - we sure had a fun time(:

In other news.. we had a fun breakfast appointment with Sister Winchester where she treated us to iHop and drove us clear out to Denmark for a solid lesson with our investigator Nicole after that. Nicole is a young Mom we are trying to meet more regularly with, but she lives super far from us. We had a great lesson together though and hope to set a date with her! The Stake Picnic was also this week so we got to go to that with Jamie and then Lori and a bunch of the ward members came too! It turned out well and we had fun playing frisbee.

Things are going well out here. There are ups and downs, but I remember the ups way more than the downs and feel the lifting power of the Atonement help me through each day. Love and miss you!
Sister Kelley(:

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