Monday, July 6, 2015

Happy 4th(:

Hey fam and friends,

Hope all is well and that you had a wonderful 4th of July! How lucky are we to live in this country?! I am so grateful for the freedoms we enjoy, especially the freedom of religion and that we can worship how we please. It is incredible how much went into preparing the way for the Restoration. On Saturday we taught a few lessons using 1 Nephi 13 to explain how God prepared for the coming forth of the Book of Mormon. Mama B had us and the GB1 Sisters over for BBQ ribs and strawberry shortcake and later that night Jamie made us dinner! We were spoiled! We had some fun lessons as we were out and about, even met a cute family. On the drive home over the bridge we got to see the
sky light up with fireworks and then our neighbors had a firework show we enjoyed from our apartment window.

12 Days of Baptism:
This past week we started a baptism countdown for our investigator Jamie. Each day for the 12 days leading up to her baptism we've been dropping off little gifts and scripture jokes to help her feel loved(: Sister Pope and I think we're hilarious so hopefully some of these make sense, I'll share the ones we have left so far...
12) Minion door decor 'You're one in a MINION' (:
11) Hand Clapper - Mosiah 18:6-11 'they clapped their hands for joy and exclaimed [baptism] is the desire of our hearts!' (when everybody wants to get baptized at the waters of Mormon)
10) M&Ms - Malachi 3:10 'Blessings of heaven POURED out'
9) Mustache/glasses Disguise - Mosiah 12:1 'Abinadi came among them in disguise'... but gives away his identity!
8) Pretzel Rods - 1 Nephi 8:30 Iron Rod
7) Salt Grinder - 3 Nephi 12:13 covenant keepers are compared to salt, keep your covenants #staysalty
6) Air Freshener - Alma 19:6 'to me he doth not stink' (Lamoni's wife)

So yeah we have more to come and Saturday is Jamie's big day! Keep her in your prayers this week(: We got her baptismal interview done so now we're just finalizing stuff with the program, should be good!

Exchanges with Green Bay 1:
I got to go on exchanges with Sister Wright and Sister Pope went with Sister Packer. I absolutely love these sisters and was grateful for the chance to get to know Sister Wright. She is being trained right
now, so she's just starting out as a missionary. I was really impressed by how strong the spirit was when she testified. We got a couple solid new investigators as we taught and testified of the Book of Mormon. We also met a few crazies, but the quote of the day was when we invited this man to church and he replied 'I don't do church, I do speed.' Poor guy!

Mission Leadership Council:
Drove to Oshkosh for MLC and got to see Sister King! It was the last time I will see her until after the mish because she goes home this month. Aww it was bitter sweet as we talked and reminisced, I sure love her! It was also great to see everyone and President and Sister Cutler(: They presented a really powerful Christlike attribute training and invited us to read Elder Oak's talk 'The Challenge to
Become.' It is such a good talk, I highly recommend it. I also really liked that they shared Mark 1:16-18 where Christ invites, 'come and I will make you to BECOME fishers of men' it truly is a becoming
process. A process of progression and true progression is true repentance. I am looking forward to presenting these trainings at Zone Training Meting this week.

Yesterday we had the chance to fast as a mission for 'the souls of those who knew not God.' (Alma 6:6) It was powerful to join together as a mission, we are working hard to meet our goals! I am so grateful for the year I've been able to serve so far and am excited for the next 6 months. The time is flying by, crazy to think last 4th of July I was in the MTC! I love being able to testify of a loving Heavenly Father and of the Living Christ! Love and miss you guys!
Sister Kelley(:
 'You're one in a MINION'
Sister Wright, Sister Packer, me and Sister Pope
I absolutely love these sisters! 
Salt Grinder (3 Nephi 12:13) covenant keepers are compared to salt - keep your covenants #staysalty
Air freshener
Blood red moon - oooohhhhh!

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