Monday, July 20, 2015

Death Week

Dear fam and friends,

This week was absolutely exhausting. After we finished our third and final exchange Sister Pope and I high-fived each other and celebrated surviving our death week! It was so fun to spend time with the Sisters and do our best to strengthen and uplift them, but it has been hard to stay up on things in our own area because we were gone so much! We're both feeling rather behind and a bit stressed about all the planning and catching up we've got to do, but we're excited for the great week ahead of us! Lori had her baptismal interview yesterday and all things are go for her baptism on Saturday, we are thrilled(:

Exchanges in Marquette:
We spent two nights in Michigan this week blitzing with Sisters Payne and Twitchell. It was fun to get to know Sister Twitchell who is being trained and to be with Sister Payne again. Sister Payne and I practiced street contacting and saw tons of success! We taught a man named Craig outside for almost an hour and by the end of our lesson he was in tears! Then a member invited us to lunch with her non-member friends at Lake Superior so we talked with them and enjoyed beach contacting, it was soo pretty! Then we had a bit of a downer because this solid lady we'd found on our last exchange together (who the sisters have been teaching for a month or so) dropped us with a note outside the door. Ughh. All in all it was a great exchange though(: Sister Payne and I had a great comp study talking about charity and how Christ showed love to those He taught. On the 3 and a half hour drive back from Marquette Sister Pope and I took a pit stop at Seguins cheese shop where we enjoyed some yummy chocolate cheese!

Exchanges with Appleton:
We finished exchanges with Marquette, worked in our area for a couple hours then headed out to exchange with Appleton. Sister Rousseau came back to work here in Green Bay with me and Sister Pope went with Sister Trent. Sister Rousseau goes home with Sister Pope and she is such a powerful missionary! She is super bold and works hard, we had a great day together. Sister Rau, a member in the ward, drove us out to Denmark (part of our area we don't get to go to much because of our miles limitations) where we met with some less actives and a potential investigator. Later we were out tracting and we met Crystal, a cute young Mom who was very receptive. We have a return appointment set this week to meet with her and her Jewish husband. Then we were about to drive away from our dinner appointment, but we saw this guy so Sister Rousseau talked with him while directing me as I backed out (yay for missionary backing rules!) and she invited him to take a tour of the church right then and there! He agreed and we had a sweet little lesson!

Exchanges in Winnebago YSA:
After Appleton we exchanged with the Winnebago YSA Sisters. Sisters Lamprecht and Gifford are great(: I went with Sister Gifford and worked in their area. We went to the Saturday morning Farmers Market and street contacting into some really solid people! We met this cute YSA named Kylie who is actually moving to Utah in a couple weeks to finish up with her Masters at Utah State. We talked with her for a while and gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon, she'll get baptized for sure. Then we had a few other lessons throughout the day, one with a Hmong investigator they have named Alvin. He's a funny guy. Also had one of those right place right time moments when we stopped by a less active, Heavenly Father is so mindful of each of us!

In other news we got our car fixed (it had some recall issues) and our AC fixed so we are no longer sweating to death. Oh and I tried this new Hmong food called kapong (sp?) and it was super spicy, but delicious! We've got a good week ahead of us, keep Lori in your prayers! Love and miss ya!
Sister Kelley


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