Monday, July 13, 2015

Jamie's Baptism!

Dear fam and friends,

This week was busy with baptism prep! We scrubbed out the font, finalized program plans/outline, practiced for our special musical number with the other sisters, hunted down a baptismal suit, etc. There were 3 baptisms on Saturday and everything went well pulling it all together! Jamie's baptism ran smoothly and the spirit was really strong. The two sisters who began teaching her flew in to support her which was really special. Sister Arnold and Sister Brandley are amazing and we had fun getting to know them(: After Jamie was baptized she couldn't stop smiling and kept talking about how she felt 'grounded' and that she had a clearer sense of purpose. Ahh such a great day! It has been such an amazing opportunity to work with Jamie and learn from her testimony the past couple months. I love how the gospel changes people and helps us each become better! It is so fun to see that process up close as a missionary(: Anyway Jamie's then her confirmation was yesterday and she shared her testimony in Relief Society(: After Jamie was confirmed Lori leaned over to us and said, "That was AWESOME!" ha she is looking forward to her baptism in a few weeks(:

Zone Training Meeting:
The Marquette sisters got to stay the night with us before ZTM which was a blast(: Then ZTM turned out really well. Sister Pope and I did a training on how to use the Book of Mormon more effectively by 1) Improving how we introduce the Book of Mormon 2) Improving how we use the Book of Mormon to teach gospel principles 3) Improving how we use the Book of Mormon in following up. We were pleased with how it turned out and Elder Wiscombe and Elder Teeples did a great job with their training on Christ-like attributes and becoming. We gave the zone a planner insert with the ZTM commitments on it and Peanut Butter bars so everyone seemed happy(:

Exchanges with Manitowoc:
After Zone Training Meeting we exchanged with Sister Lyons and Sister Peterson. Sister Peterson and I spent the exchange in Manitowoc and saw some pretty sweet miracles! We had a powerful lesson with the Multens, a less active family who are starting to come back and are working on getting to the temple. Brother Multen was excited to tell us about/show off his boat so we related it to the gospel and it worked like a charm! I love that everything relates back to the gospel somehow. Then we taught a lesson to a man Sister Pope and I had met a few days ago, but who actually lives just outside of Manitowoc. His name is Jorge and he has such a sincere desire to change his life and
come to Christ. He speaks a decent amount of English and Sister Peterson and I knew enough Spanish to teach a lesson. The spirit was way strong and we even set a baptismal date with him in Spanish! It was totally lead by the spirit and such a sweet miracle! Also Sister Peterson is super sweet and really has her scriptures down.

12 Days of Baptism Part 2:
Finished the baptism countdown for our investigator Jamie this week. She loved all the little surprises we left - it was a great way for us to stay in daily contact despite her crazy work schedule!
5) Glow Stick door decor - 1 Nephi 17:13 'I Will Be Your Light in the Wilderness'
4) Peanut Butter Bars - John 16:33
3) Rainbow fish/fishing net - 1 Nephi 1:12 'Caught Up in a Good Read' Jamie received her first copy of the Book of Mormon one year ago on this day!
2) Avengers Puzzle - The Gospel is MARVELous
1) Kool-Aid - 'Ohh yeah!'

Jamie has always joked that once she joined the church and was baptized she would be 'drinking the Kool-Aid' so we decorated her door with Kool-Aid packets on the last night and served Kool-Aid after her baptism for refreshments(:

Spider Hunting:
A lady in the ward called us in a panic this week needing some help killing spiders. We went over to her home and there were SO many spiders. Like hundreds would not even be an exaggeration. They were the nasty daddy long leg type and their webs covered the place! At first we were freaked out, but then we got a system down and whipped it out. I would sweep the spiders down from the wall and ceiling then Sister Pope would vacuum them up! Ha we made and epic video you'll get to see one day(:

We had interviews with President Cutler this week - he always seems to know just what we all need(: In preparation for interviews we studied about fasting and prayer. I learned a lot about fasting and feel like it has really helped me develop charity as I fast for the needs of others. We talked about Isaiah 58 and Elder Eyring's past conference talk. President gave me some really great counsel of how best to help the sisters we work with and encouraged me to keep strengthening my own hope and faith in the Savior. Then after interviews with President we got to chat with Sister Cutler and she even came out and worked with Sister Pope and I for the night. We had some good lessons and
enjoyed time with her.

Well that's all I've got time for! We have a busy week scheduled this week with 3 exchanges and prepping for Lori's baptism on the 25th! Thanks for all the prayers and support. Love and miss you!

Sister Kelley(:
After Jamie was baptized she couldn't stop smiling 
and kept talking about how she felt 'grounded' 
and that she had a clearer sense of purpose. 
Ahh such a great day! 
Me and Sister Pope with Sisters Arnold and Brandley

'I Will Be Your Light in the Wilderness'
Sister Peterson and Sister Kelley
The Multen's and their 58 boat! 
The view out my window. 

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