Monday, June 15, 2015


Dear fam and friends,

This week was soo good! It was so fun to see the miracles happening in Wisconsin and in Michigan!

Zone Training Meeting:
Yay for the Green Bay South Zone! It was so fun to get together with everyone this week. Sister Pope and I worked with the Zone Leaders, Elders Crandall and Wiscombe, to prep everything for the meeting and it all came together nicely. I really liked the training we did on using the Book of Mormon more effectively as a finding tool. Sister Pope and I learned a ton preparing the training and have been focusing on testifying of the power of the Book of Mormon to everyone we talk to. We met this young mom named Ashley who accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon and is eager to read from it! She is Oneida so she grew up hearing the Oneida spiritual stories, but was raised Lutheran so she has a Christian background as well. When we explained that the Book of Mormon is a record of God's dealings with the people in the Americas
she got super excited and asked if Christ ever taught the people in the Americas. AHHH we were like 'yes! it talks about it here in 3 Nephi 11...' ha it was so so great. She grew up hearing of a great prophet who had brought peace to her people and she had always thought this was Christ! She is seriously so prepared. We are excited to begin teaching her!

Lessons with Lori:
After every lesson with Lori, Sister Pope and I leave so happy(: Lori is progressing really well and is developing a strong testimony. This week we were finally able to set a solid baptismal date with her for July 25th! We still have a lot to teach her, but already she has noticed how the gospel is changing her life. She recognizes that it brings her so much peace and happiness. I have loved seeing the change in her these past few weeks. She had plans to come to church this week and we had all her fellow-shippers lined up, but she fell and hurt her back super bad and couldn't make it): We were able to talk with her on the phone last night though and she seems to be doing a bit better - keep her in your prayers!

Right Place, Right Time Miracle:
The other day we had an appointment cancel so we were heading back to the apartment to do our weekly planning, but we had the thought to stop by a less active in the area first. We've tried to stop by Stephanie's house a few times, but she works a ton and we don't find her at home very much. So anyway we stop by and knock on the door and Stephanie answers and was like, 'NO WAY!' then she started freaking out... So moments before we knocked on the door Stephanie had been on the phone with her Mom (who is active in Appleton) explaining that she was really struggling and her Mom had suggested that she reach out to the missionaries. The moment her Mom suggested that, we knocked on the door! So yeah then we were all freaking out and we had a lesson and set an appointment to come back and see them in a few days(:

Blitz in Marquette:
Instead of exchanging with the Sister Woods and Sister Payne in Marquette we went up and blitzed their area (meaning Sister Pope and I both stayed and worked in Marquette). We drove about 3.5 hours to get there then stayed for the 24 hour exchange and drove back home. It was such a gorgeous drive! Everything is SOO green and we got to drive along the lake shore so the view was incredible. We took some pictures of Lake Superieor and Lake Michigan so I will send those(: Wisconsin is beautiful, but the Upper Peninsula of Michigan is breathtaking! There are more rolling hills up there and the colors are super intense. I loved being there in the summer, but I imagine the winter is just brutal. Anyway the blitz went really well. I got to exchange with Sister Payne, she's from Montana and has been out for 6 months. She is awesome. We worked hard and saw miracles as we talked with the yoopers. Ha some of them sure do talk funny, Sister Payne and I
laughed a ton! I learned a lot about listening to the spirit while I was with her too. She's super in tune. While we were up there we had a BBQ outside with Elders Williams and Ward and a member family, it was so much fun!

We got the transfer info this week and... Sister Pope and I are staying together in Green Bay! We are SO excited we have another transfer together and that we get to work with so many amazing sisters(: This transfer things seem to be changing a lot in the mission. They've combined a couple zones and we have a bunch of sisters coming out. Of the 6 sisters we exchange with, 4 of them will be training! It is crazy to be on the 'older' end of the mission. I am really excited about the work going on here, it is so fun to exchange and see the miracles happening in other areas as well. I know this is Heavenly Father's work and I am so grateful for the chance to be a little part of it!

Sister Kelley
Wisconsin drive(:
All the traffic lights are super precarious in Michigan.

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