Monday, June 29, 2015

Strawberry Fields Forever

Dear fam and friends,

Time seems to be flying by out here - since when is it June??? Ha I am super excited for July though, we have a lot to look forward to with MLC, exchanges, and Jamie and Lori's baptisms!

Baptism Prep:
This week we spent a lot of time with Jamie and Lori preparing them for their upcoming baptisms! We are so excited for both of them!!! It has been so fun to watch their testimonies grow. Jamie will be getting baptized in just under 2 weeks and we are working with Lori for the end of the month. Lori made it to church this week for the first time and absolutely loved it! It worked out perfectly because we had taken Sister Furhiman with us to Lori's lesson earlier in the week and then on Sunday they already knew each other and Sister Furhiman was able to sit with Lori and fellowship her! After church Lori told us how she had felt the spirit really strongly during the sacrament and that she
loved how family oriented the church is/feels. She also commented on how sincere everyone is in their testimonies. Ahhh it was such a good Sunday(:

Oneida Reservation:
We received a head quarter referral for a Barbara who lives on the Oneida Reservation so we plugged her address into the GPS and drove to THE most gorgeous area of Wisconsin, seriously we were dying it was so beautiful! When we got to our destination the address was off so we started talking with people outside and by some miracle were directed to Barbara! She happened to walk outside as we went up to her trailer and we were able to sit on her porch and teach her about the Book of Mormon! It was amazing how everything lined up for us to find her, such a miracle! Her niece is a member in the Spanish branch that meets in our building so we are looking forward to connecting with her this week too.

Sprint Celebs:
This week the touch screen on our phone blew out so we couldn't send text messages or hang up if we answered a call! Ha so that made for an interesting few days.. we spent a couple afternoons in the local Sprint store getting it all sorted out, but by the end of the week we'd taught the gospel to 3 of the employees and everybody knew us when we walked in! Ha Sprint store celebrity status right there(:
Elder Carter was great to help get us a new phone so now things are up and running. How grateful I am to have a phone to contact people!

Strawberry Pickin:
Sister Pope and I couldn't help but think of the Beatles as we drove to this HUGE strawberry field this week. It seriously looked like it went on forever! As a service opportunity we helped pick strawberries and it was a blast!

Mini Miracles:
This week we street contacted into a woman we tracted into the other day and she remembered us and loved us! Ha she really wants us to teach her son Brian, but I don't think he really wants us to teach
him... ha so we are working on that. BUT it was a sweet miracle nonetheless. We also ran into Martez, another guy we street contacted into at the gas station. So yeah what are the chances of street
contacting into people we've already talked with, that doesn't usually happen! We had a sweet miracle with this young Dad named Thaddeaus who was a member referral we taught him about the Book of Mormon and he wants to talk with his member friend (who also happens to be his next door neighbor) about it, we are excited about the potential there.

We are seeing miracles and trying to stay on top of everything! I can't believe I'll hit my year mark this week... With Sister Pope just a few weeks away from going home we've been reflecting on our mission experiences and the ways we've changed and grown closer to our Savior. I am so grateful for this past year and know it has and will continue to shape the course of my entire life. I am excited for the next 6 months of miracles!!! Hope you all have a good week, love you!!!

Sister Kelley(:

Lori, me and Sis Pope
Hmong family - the Vang's
Huge feast Sis Pope and I made after fasting
Homemade Alfredo - we're 
pretty much Betty Crocker:)

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