Monday, June 8, 2015

Professional Movers

Dear fam and friends,

CONGRATS ZACH!!! So glad to hear graduation stuff went well this week(: Things up here have been pretty busy. I am really excited about our investigator Lori. She is progressing like crazy! We had this really powerful church tour lesson with her and talked about Baptism and the Sacrament. She prayed aloud with us for the first time in years, it was probably one of the most spirit filled lessons of my mission. Such a special experience.

We had a whole bunch of service opportunities this week with ward members and a few potentials! Ha we spent most of our P-day last week helping the Pyper family get settled into their new place and then we helped the Bishop family move in the following day. They are both super solid families. We are looking forward to getting to know them and involving them in the work! We also had the chance to help some of Bishop Millet's friends clean their windows! We also helped the YW with a rummage sale service project and helped Sister Wozniak pack things up for her move. Oh and we did yard work for Sister Robertson's neighbor Leslie and were able to talk with her about the church afterwards! So solid.

Exchange in Sheboygan:
Got to go on exchanges with Sister Carlini in Sheboygan! She has been out for 5 weeks now and is already such a powerful teacher and really loves the people. We had a great time together and met this cute Mom and son... new investigators! Also we ran out to this beautiful lighthouse for our work out in the morning and took tons of pictures. Sheboygan is gorgeous!

Mission Leadership Council:
The highlight of MLC was getting to see Sister King! Oh how I love that girl!!! We were able to talk a ton and catch up(: Then President and Sister Cutler presented these super good trainings about faith, using the Book of Mormon app, and working with the members. I LOVED Sister Cutler's faith training - it was just what I needed. Helped me understand that faith has two parts, action (what we do) and power (what God does). We will present a training on it next week - I'm excited to study this idea out more to prepare!

This week we've got Zone Training Meeting which we're in charge of with the Zone Leaders and then a blitz with the Marquette Sisters - should be a lot of fun! Hope Uncle Allen's wedding and Nate's Homecoming go well, can't wait to hear about them(: Love you!

Sister Kelley

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