Monday, June 1, 2015

Older and Wiser Too?

Dear fam and friends,

Things are good. And insane. I don't think I have ever been so exhausted in my whole life or so happy!

Double Exchanges:
It seemed like I was hardly with Sister Pope at all this week because we had double exchanges with Green Bay 1st Ward (Sisters Packer and Larsen) and Manitowoc (Sisters Lyons and Kealer)! I loved spending time with Sister Packer - she is absolutely wonderful! We were in the same YSA ward in Provo during fall semester so we knew each other before the mission, but we hadn't served near each other until I got transferred up here to Green Bay. Now we get to see each other all the time which is a blast! She is such a hard worker and full of charity. We saw success as we contacted this headquarter referral together and tracted out this quite neighborhood. Also we just talked and talked and talked which was just fun - love her(: Then I got to go on exchanges with Sister Lyons in Manitowoc! It was a beautiful drive out there. It is SOOO green here and there are all these rolling hills and red barnyards every few miles. It is gorgeous. But yeah the exchange was good. Sister Lyons and I went to a Relief Society activity in their ward and learned to make Spring Rolls! Then the next day we had this super huge miracle happen as we were out tracting - we found this solid mother and taught her for an hour outside and committed her to take the lessons! Her little girl was adorable, she kept picking flowers for us as we talked(:

Zone Conference:
The Marquette Sisters (Sisters Woods and Payne) stayed the night with us Wednesday so we could all drive to Zone Conference together on Thursday. Sister Woods and I were both celebrating our birthdays Thursday so it was fun to be together(: Zone Conference was great - it is always so fun to see everyone and catch up! Everyone sang 'happy birthday' to Sister Woods and I during lunch and we got to take pictures. Sister Pope, Elder Crandal, Elder Wiscombe and I gave our training on Jacob 5 and it went really well. The Stake President and his wife both spoke about the importance of loving those we serve and remembering to listen. Then President and Sister Cutler presented training on the importance of keeping the Sabbath Day holy and helping families to progress in the gospel. It was such a good meeting, made me excited to change the way I teach investigators about observing the
Sabbath. Oh and at Zone Conferences Brother Barley always inspects the mission cars and rewards the companionship who has the cleanest car with a gift card. Sister Pope and I totally won. #success

I don't have enough time to really explain anything else, but we are doing good and seeing good things happen. Elder Perry's passing is sad, but we had a chance to reread his last conference talk and are grateful for his service. Brother Mills was released as ward mission leader and we are all crushed - he is amazing, we are so grateful for his service. We are excited for the new guy though. Should be good. Oh and my birthday was a blast!

Thanks for the thoughtful gifts and birthday wishes this week! I sure do love you guys!

Sister Kelley(:

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