Monday, June 22, 2015

Happy Father's Day!

Dear fam and friends,

Hope you all had a wonderful Father's Day yesterday! They had the young men speak in our ward about what they have learned from their father's about our Heavenly Father and how their relationships with their father compares to Heavenly Father's relationship with Jesus. It was a great meeting. I'm so grateful for my amazing Dad and the example he is to me! The good relationship we have helps me to better understand my relationship with my Father in Heaven and to feel of His
love. Hope you were all able to thank your father's this week for all they do!

Green Bay Peeps:
The last few weeks I've written a bunch about exchanges, but I don't think I have mentioned much about who we are consistently working with in our own area! Ha so since we didn't go on exchanges this week because of transfers I'll do my best to fill you in on a few of our solid investigators.

First off is Jamie. She met the sisters/was given a copy of the Book of Mormon for the first time last July and has been investigating ever since. She has read the Book of Mormon cover to cover 4 times so far and absolutely loves it. I have never worked with an investigator with such a love and understanding of the BOM. Her BOM is covered in notes and she has such great insights. She will be getting baptized on July 11th - one year after receiving her first copy of the BOM, so
exciting! We meet with her a few times a week for lessons and BOM book club. Last night we had a great discussion about what it means to have a 'broken heart and a contrite spirit.' Also Jamie is hilarious and always makes us laugh(:
Brother Sieber referred us to Lori who is his childhood best friend's Mom, basically his second mother. She grew up devote Catholic, but disagreed with some of the things the local congregation was doing. She fell away and turned from God. During that time she was unhappy and often felt depressed. She noticed how Brother Sieber was always happy and she asked what made him so happy... Ha then he shared the gospel with her and invited her to meet with the sister missionaries and BOOM now she has a baptismal date(: Lori is absolutely amazing. Her lessons are always super powerful and she has a sincere desire to know the truth. This gospel is changing her life. She loves reading from the Book of Mormon and always tells her family about what she is learning. She's nervous to meet new people and hasn't been to church yet, but this week she came to the ward Pinewood Derby activity and really seemed to have a good time. This week we taught the Word of Wisdom. When she found out she couldn't drink tea or coffee anymore she said it would be a bit hard to give those things up, but that she would be willing to do it so she could be baptized. She has so much faith!
I think I wrote a bit about Ashley last week. We met her the other day when trying to contact a less active. Ashley was excited to read about the Book of Mormon and since then we've been able to meet with her a few times to teach about the Restoration and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She really wants God in her life to guide her and her family. She accepted a baptismal invite, but her husband isn't super interested yet... we're going to get the Spanish Elders to help us out and hopefully he will be! She's seen miracles the last few days as she has been praying and truly feels that God has been with her. We are looking forward to continuing to help her and her family!

Community Service Opportunities:
We had a few opportunities to do service in the community this week which is always good to get out and be seen by people in Green Bay. It is crazy how many people have never seen missionaries before - back home we'd see them out and about all the time it seemed like! Anyway we helped with a family fun run and the 'Day Out with Thomas' at the National Railroad Museum. We talked with a bunch of families and gave little kids Thomas the train tattoos.

Hmong Funeral:
We've been working with this less active Hmong lady named Xee and this past week her mother passed away. She was really struggling, but we met with her a few times and were able to comfort her a bit. She asked us to come to her Mom's funeral to support her because her husband isn't super supportive so we agreed to go. The funeral was unlike anything I'd ever been to before! It was such a neat experience to learn more about Hmong culture. They rent out a funeral home place for a few days and have a big celebration with tons of food. They had animal sacrifices and there was all this raw meat in the kitchen area. They were cooking TONS of Hmong food which Xee had us try. Xee's Mom was dressed in traditional Hmong clothing and laid to rest in the middle of the room. They had big drums playing to begin to open the portal to heaven for her and they played music from these wooden instruments. Man I wish I could explain all this better. It was really such a neat experience, we were the only non-Hmong people there, but everyone was so kind to us!

Well that's all I have time for... ha when I get home I just have so many stories for you! Glad to hear you had fun celebrating Father's Day and that Dan had a good birthday as well(: It was hard to be away, but I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve. I know this is where I need to be right now and I've been so blessed to feel the Savior lifting me time and time again out here. This week we were able to have a special fast and I just have such a strong testimony that our Father in Heaven is aware of each of us! Love and miss you guys, hope you have a great week!

Sister Kelley
Helping with the "Day Out With Thomas" at the National Railroad Museum.

Despicable Me fart gun with Jamie
Saying goodbye to Sister Larsen
Sisters Larsen, Kelley, Packer, and Pope!
Hmong food!

Hmong treat
Beautiful sunsets

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