Monday, May 11, 2015

Happy Mother's Day(:

Dear family and friends,

AHH it was so so good to talk with you yesterday!(: I cannot believe how grown up the boys are getting, it's crazy! Since we just talked there isn't a ton to fill you in on, but I'll try to hit some highlights from this last week. Transfers always make everything super crazy, but they are great(: I am so excited to be here in Green Bay with Sister Pope!

Goodbye Madtown:
Spent some time on Monday and Tuesday saying good bye to people in Madison! The Allreds had us over for a Cambodian dinner at their new house, we went out for ice cream with Coley, we visited Janet, had one last lesson with Ishmael at the church, ate at Olive Garden with Hayley, celebrated Shaun's birthday with him, stopped by Edgewood college to say goodbye to Shay, bused around Capitol Square one final time stopping to see Rachel and Kendall, and then met with Julia before heading back to finish packing! I started packing a lot earlier this time around so the packing experience was a lot less stressful. I don't know how I was able to fit all of my junk in those two suit cases, but it all worked out and we were ready to go in the morning(: I sure am grateful for the opportunity I had to serve in Madison and meet so many incredible people! I love them a lot!!!

Transfer Details:
On Wednesday morning the Mad 2 STLs picked us up and drove us to the Mad 2 building where we had a little devotional and met with the other missionaries being transferred. Sister Schlosser and I said goodbye before I drove to Oshkosh with Brother and Sister Amberson. Oshkosh is the central transfer point for our mission so we had another little devotional thing when we met there and then we all headed back to our new areas! Once we made it to Green Bay I got to meet Sister Pope, my new companion, and she is super great! I am so excited to work with her! I also got to see Sister Packer who was in my YSA ward at BYU! She's in the Green Bay 1st Ward so we will get to see each other a lot and go on exchanges together(:

Hello Green Bay:
Green Bay is a lot smaller than Madison, that's for sure. It is very different here... ha so it'll take some getting used to! We drive by the Lambeau field all the time though which is sweet - the NFL stadium is HUGE! The missionary apartment here is smaller than the other two I've stayed in, but a lot nicer. There are lots of windows so I am loving all the natural light we get! This week Sister Pope and I have been keeping busy with appointments, contacting, tracting, and figuring out exchange details! I am so excited to get to know the other sisters and go on exchanges with them! Our first exchange will be this coming week with the Appleton Sisters. We go on a total of 6 exchanges throughout the transfer, about one a week. This week we tracted into a nun! Her name is Sister Miller. We talked for almost 30 minutes and shared the 'Because He Lives' video with her. She wasn't super interested, but she was so kind!

Well I think that's about it! It was so fun to talk with you guys yesterday(: Thanks for the support and encouragement, you guys are the best! Hope you had a Happy Mother's Day Mom, I sure do love and look up to you!(:

Sister Kelley(:
Saying goodbye to Coley:(

Saying goodbye to Ishmael:(

Shaun and Shay (below) I will miss them!!!

Saying goodbye to Kendall and Julia (below) love them!!!

Saying goodbye to Sis Schlosser and my STL Sis Vang (below):(

Sister Packer from my YSA Ward at BYU! She is in GB1 so we will go on exchanges!

Hello Sis Pope!

Calling the fam!!!

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