Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Happy Late Memorial Day!

Dear fam and friends,

So glad to hear preschool graduation went well this week and that you made it up to the cabin for Memorial Day weekend! It rained a bunch here this weekend, but dried off enough Monday so people were still out BBQing. We had a couple set lessons, but spent most of the day out proselyting. We found a few potential people for the Spanish and Hmong Elders and this super solid lady for us! Then the Durans were kind enough to have us over for BBQ ribs. Great Memorial day! I'm so grateful for those who have gone before us and those who have served our country!

The Eye Twitch:
You know when you get super exhausted and your eye starts to twitch uncontrollably at random times throughout the day? Yeah well that's been happening to me all week! Ha Sister Pope said she had the eye twitch when she first got to Green Bay too and I remember Sister King having it in Madison. Man it sure is annoying! I'll be testifying of something to someone on the street and then my eye starts twitching and I'm sure I look possessed! Ha I'm sure it'll go away soon, it was just a crazy week this week!

Trainings Prep:
Got to give a training for District Meeting about using the Book of Mormon in ALL aspects of the work. It was such a good reminder for me to be using the Book of Mormon as much as I can. It is such a powerful witness of Christ! Sister Pope and I will be giving a training with the Zone Leaders (Elders Wiscombe and Crandall) at Zone Conference this week. We got together to go over what we will be sharing about Jacob 5, should be good.

Winnebago YSA Exchange:
This week we went on exchanges with Sister Gifford and Sister Goldwater. They are currently serving in the Winnebago YSA branch/Nina ward area. They are both so great! I got to stay here in Green Bay with Sister Gifford and we saw SO many miracles! We got in with this less active part member family who the sisters haven't gotten in with in forever and we contacted a solid referral. Oh and I got to drive for the first time in 6 months! We had a lesson with Lori about the Book of Mormon and she has started reading it and talking with her family about it!!! So many good things! Sister Gifford is really caring and patient. I was grateful to spend the day with her(:

The Shelley's:
We are getting to know some of the families in the ward as we try to set up 8 pm member lessons and get members to come with us to lessons during the week. This week the Shelley's had us in their home and it was great to get to know them! Brother Shelley works for Shriebers the local dairy company so he gave us some delicious cheese and yogurt! Then Sister Shelley came to a lesson with us last minute too - so grateful for all the ward members do!

Hmong Food:
A couple of Hmong sisters in the ward, Amy and Amanda, had us over for dinner this week with all the Elders! We ate some super yummy Hmong food and had fun talking together!

Hmm I think that's all. Other than I did finally get a haircut today! It was high time too, it had been like a year! So that was good to get done before our busy week. This week will be absolutely insane for us - we've got two exchanges and Zone Conference so we will be driving lots! Sounds like you guys have a busy week planned too. Good luck at state this week Zach! Oh and give Nate a big hug for me tonight!!!(:

Love you guys!

Sister Kelley

Meet Sister Gifford!
Hmong spring rolls
The Elders and the Hmong food
The bridge was up when we were trying to drive home last night!!!
Georgina just got back from a mission and her mom cut my hair, yay!

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