Monday, May 4, 2015

From Badger Land to Packer Land

Dear family and friends,

I have like zero time to write this so I'll try to just hit the highlights! First of all.... We got the transfer text on Saturday and I'll be leaving Madison): I am super bummed because I absolutely love it here, but I also feel at peace and completely trust that Heavenly Father knows where I need to be! We found out today that I will be going up to Green Bay to serve as a Sister Training Leader (STL) with Sister Pope! I am absolutely terrified to be an STL, but so excited to serve in Green Bay. I have heard great things about Packer land(:

Nepali Family:
This week we did lots of contacting and tracting in the nice weather. We reconnected with a woman named Sarasoti who had met the Sisters on the bus last summer. We set up an appointment with her and visited her and her grown family. They are from Nepal and shared some of their culture and beliefs with us. They are Hindu, but Sarasoti was interested in learning more about the Book of Mormon. She is very kind and so is her family! They were such kind hosts insisting we had some Nepali drink and as we left they bowed and said 'Namaste' and gave us a few referrals of their neighbors! I love all the different cultures and backgrounds of the people here in Madison - I will miss that a lot!

Contacting at the Farmer's Market:
There is a huge farmer's market up around Capitol Square every Saturday from May - October so it just started up and we decided to go do some contacting up there in the nice weather! We were able to talk with people and even got some compliments on our outfits! Haha we sure had a fun time(: We got some cheese bread and smoothies and took our lunch break on the capitol lawn - so fun!

Goodbye Again?
A part of the mission I wasn't really anticipating was how difficult it would be to say goodbye to all of the investigators, recent converts, less actives, members, companions, and friends you make while out here. It is going to be sooo hard to leave Madison, but I am incredibly grateful for the chance I have had to serve here. It has been such a blessing! These people have truly changed me. During testimony meeting Emily got up and bore her testimony and the spirit was SO incredibly strong. I was just crying and crying thinking about where she was when I first got here and how far she has come. She has changed and now has a solid testimony rooted in the Savior. I am so grateful for her and for all those that I have had the opportunity to meet and learn from here. On Saturday we met with our new investigator Lun Cheng again and taught the Plan of Salvation. After the lesson I was explaining how I wouldn't be at the next lesson and I wished him well with his life and he said, 'it's okay I will see you in the Celestial' and pointed to the Celestial Kingdom we had drawn - ha it was such a tender moment! I look forward to that day, and of course for when I get home and bring you all out to visit and meet these amazing people!(:

Can't wait to talk to you all on Sunday from Green Bay!

Sister Kelley(:
Contacting at the Capitol

Farmer's Market at the Capitol Building

Saying goodbye to Janet:)

Saying good bye to Tianqui Sun our cute neighbor (;

Saying goodbye to Sarah(;

Goodbye to the Feriante family(;

Goodbye to Abbie Dimond(:

Goodbye to Emily, I sure do love her!

Goodbye to Nate Dimond - this boy is an angel!

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