Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Happy Late Memorial Day!

Dear fam and friends,

So glad to hear preschool graduation went well this week and that you made it up to the cabin for Memorial Day weekend! It rained a bunch here this weekend, but dried off enough Monday so people were still out BBQing. We had a couple set lessons, but spent most of the day out proselyting. We found a few potential people for the Spanish and Hmong Elders and this super solid lady for us! Then the Durans were kind enough to have us over for BBQ ribs. Great Memorial day! I'm so grateful for those who have gone before us and those who have served our country!

The Eye Twitch:
You know when you get super exhausted and your eye starts to twitch uncontrollably at random times throughout the day? Yeah well that's been happening to me all week! Ha Sister Pope said she had the eye twitch when she first got to Green Bay too and I remember Sister King having it in Madison. Man it sure is annoying! I'll be testifying of something to someone on the street and then my eye starts twitching and I'm sure I look possessed! Ha I'm sure it'll go away soon, it was just a crazy week this week!

Trainings Prep:
Got to give a training for District Meeting about using the Book of Mormon in ALL aspects of the work. It was such a good reminder for me to be using the Book of Mormon as much as I can. It is such a powerful witness of Christ! Sister Pope and I will be giving a training with the Zone Leaders (Elders Wiscombe and Crandall) at Zone Conference this week. We got together to go over what we will be sharing about Jacob 5, should be good.

Winnebago YSA Exchange:
This week we went on exchanges with Sister Gifford and Sister Goldwater. They are currently serving in the Winnebago YSA branch/Nina ward area. They are both so great! I got to stay here in Green Bay with Sister Gifford and we saw SO many miracles! We got in with this less active part member family who the sisters haven't gotten in with in forever and we contacted a solid referral. Oh and I got to drive for the first time in 6 months! We had a lesson with Lori about the Book of Mormon and she has started reading it and talking with her family about it!!! So many good things! Sister Gifford is really caring and patient. I was grateful to spend the day with her(:

The Shelley's:
We are getting to know some of the families in the ward as we try to set up 8 pm member lessons and get members to come with us to lessons during the week. This week the Shelley's had us in their home and it was great to get to know them! Brother Shelley works for Shriebers the local dairy company so he gave us some delicious cheese and yogurt! Then Sister Shelley came to a lesson with us last minute too - so grateful for all the ward members do!

Hmong Food:
A couple of Hmong sisters in the ward, Amy and Amanda, had us over for dinner this week with all the Elders! We ate some super yummy Hmong food and had fun talking together!

Hmm I think that's all. Other than I did finally get a haircut today! It was high time too, it had been like a year! So that was good to get done before our busy week. This week will be absolutely insane for us - we've got two exchanges and Zone Conference so we will be driving lots! Sounds like you guys have a busy week planned too. Good luck at state this week Zach! Oh and give Nate a big hug for me tonight!!!(:

Love you guys!

Sister Kelley

Meet Sister Gifford!
Hmong spring rolls
The Elders and the Hmong food
The bridge was up when we were trying to drive home last night!!!
Georgina just got back from a mission and her mom cut my hair, yay!

Monday, May 18, 2015

CH CH (What's missing?? UR)

Dear fam and friends,

This week was crazy busy, I can't believe it's already May 18th! Where did April even go? Going on one or more exchanges each week is going to be exhausting, but the sisters here are amazing! I am so excited to keep getting to know them!

Exchanges in Appleton:
This week I went on my first exchange as a Sister Training Leader! Before the exchange I read from my old journal about my very first exchange with Sister Jardine. She encouraged me and helped me a ton. I remember thinking she taught with so much power and knew the scriptures super well. I hope I can learn from and be an example for the Sisters like Sister Jardine and my other STL's have been for me! It is so weird to be on the older end of things in the mission! Exchanges in Appleton with Sister Adams-Hart were a blast this week - she just got finished being trained and already confidently leads out! I was impressed by how diligent and hard working she is. We got a few return appointments and new investigators as we were out contacting together. Sister Rousseau and Sister Pope saw miracles in our area as well - they met a family, taught the Restoration, invited them to be baptized... AND THEY SAID YES!!!! Yay for exchange miracles(:

The Mills Family:
Real quick I have to rave about this cute family in our ward here - the Mills! They are amazing! Sister Mills is the Relief Society President and Brother Mills is the Ward Mission Leader. They do a lot to help the missionaries out so this week we sought out an opportunity to serve them! Service rules(: We had fun helping/getting to know their family. They have 4 little girls and 1 baby boy. Their daughters are so stinkin smart, their 12 year old has already read the entire standard works! That totally puts me to shame! She definitely inspired me so this week I started Genesis. I've listened to the assigned Old
Testament chapters for seminary, but never actually read the whole thing so this should be fun! Sister Adams-Hart gave me a reading chart to read the standard works in a year so here goes!

Samuel the Lamanite Cake:
We have a weekly Book of Mormon Book Club meeting with our investigator Jamie and this week we finished Helaman so we celebrated by eating a Samuel the Lamanite Cake! It was super delish and fun to join the Green Bay 1st Sisters. Sister Packer and I were in the same YSA ward at BYU and now get to serve in Green Bay near each other! She came out with Sister Pope, Sister King, and Sister Christiansen. Their group goes home in 2 months! We celebrated Sister Pope and Sister Packer's 16 month mark this week and went out to Smart Cow (which is like Wisconsin's Menchies). It was fun to celebrate together - I sure do love those two(:

Member Referrals:
We got a super solid member referral this week - member referrals are a missionary's dream! Brother Sieber asked us to teach his best friend's Mom. Her name is Lori. She has a Catholic background, but hasn't been active in her Catholic faith for a long time. She is going through a lot right now and reached out to Brother Sieber asking why he is so happy all the time. He invited her to meet with us to learn more about his faith. We met Lori on Friday morning with Brother Sieber and had such a powerful lesson together! Seriously the spirit was SO strong as we testified of the Restoration and of a loving Heavenly Father. We are really excited to teach her!

Learning to Cook:
I didn't realize how lucky I was in Madison to eat with the members so often! In Madison we really didn't have to worry about cooking too much. Things seem to be different here in Green Bay though so I am looking forward to enhancing my cooking skills! Sister Winchester in the ward was so thoughtful and picked up a crock-pot for us this week so we have plans to make something delicious(: Also we learned how to make sour dough with the Relief Society and now have little sour dough starts in the fridge. We're going to try to make sour dough pancakes in a little while so we'll see how that turns out - hopefully they turn out as good as dad's!(:

Preserving the Record:
It's been super frustrating to come to this area because the records haven't been kept very well. Our area book hasn't been fully updated in over a year in some places and the ward directory is a mess. There are recent converts who haven't been taught all of their new member lessons and investigators who have been being taught for a while, but have no teaching record! Updating the records is a pain, but SO important! I really hope we get iPads one day so this can all be done electronically. Updating things has been hard because Sister Pope has only been here for 6 weeks so she is still getting to know the area too. An English set of Elders were doubled into the ward this transfer as well so we've been working closely with them to figure everything out. We're starting to get things organized and seem to have a better handle on who we need to teach.

Well that's about all I've got for ya this week! The subject line is courtesy of the local Lutheran congregation, they've always got great sayings up. Hope you guys get over your colds! Love and miss you!

Sister Kelley(:
Green Bay Stadium!
Exchanges with Sister Adams
Not in Madison anymore:)
Samuel the Lamanite cake with Holy Ghost in background:)
Book of Mormon Book Club
Love it!
Sis Pope and I in our Brewers/Green Bay hats!
Wisconsin has soooo many trees and they are all in bloom!
Sister Pope working hard!
My first time using a push mower!
I love service!!!!

We mowed this entire yard!!!
Pretty view
Smart Cow! Happy 16 months Sister Pope and Sister Packer!
Super fun!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Happy Mother's Day(:

Dear family and friends,

AHH it was so so good to talk with you yesterday!(: I cannot believe how grown up the boys are getting, it's crazy! Since we just talked there isn't a ton to fill you in on, but I'll try to hit some highlights from this last week. Transfers always make everything super crazy, but they are great(: I am so excited to be here in Green Bay with Sister Pope!

Goodbye Madtown:
Spent some time on Monday and Tuesday saying good bye to people in Madison! The Allreds had us over for a Cambodian dinner at their new house, we went out for ice cream with Coley, we visited Janet, had one last lesson with Ishmael at the church, ate at Olive Garden with Hayley, celebrated Shaun's birthday with him, stopped by Edgewood college to say goodbye to Shay, bused around Capitol Square one final time stopping to see Rachel and Kendall, and then met with Julia before heading back to finish packing! I started packing a lot earlier this time around so the packing experience was a lot less stressful. I don't know how I was able to fit all of my junk in those two suit cases, but it all worked out and we were ready to go in the morning(: I sure am grateful for the opportunity I had to serve in Madison and meet so many incredible people! I love them a lot!!!

Transfer Details:
On Wednesday morning the Mad 2 STLs picked us up and drove us to the Mad 2 building where we had a little devotional and met with the other missionaries being transferred. Sister Schlosser and I said goodbye before I drove to Oshkosh with Brother and Sister Amberson. Oshkosh is the central transfer point for our mission so we had another little devotional thing when we met there and then we all headed back to our new areas! Once we made it to Green Bay I got to meet Sister Pope, my new companion, and she is super great! I am so excited to work with her! I also got to see Sister Packer who was in my YSA ward at BYU! She's in the Green Bay 1st Ward so we will get to see each other a lot and go on exchanges together(:

Hello Green Bay:
Green Bay is a lot smaller than Madison, that's for sure. It is very different here... ha so it'll take some getting used to! We drive by the Lambeau field all the time though which is sweet - the NFL stadium is HUGE! The missionary apartment here is smaller than the other two I've stayed in, but a lot nicer. There are lots of windows so I am loving all the natural light we get! This week Sister Pope and I have been keeping busy with appointments, contacting, tracting, and figuring out exchange details! I am so excited to get to know the other sisters and go on exchanges with them! Our first exchange will be this coming week with the Appleton Sisters. We go on a total of 6 exchanges throughout the transfer, about one a week. This week we tracted into a nun! Her name is Sister Miller. We talked for almost 30 minutes and shared the 'Because He Lives' video with her. She wasn't super interested, but she was so kind!

Well I think that's about it! It was so fun to talk with you guys yesterday(: Thanks for the support and encouragement, you guys are the best! Hope you had a Happy Mother's Day Mom, I sure do love and look up to you!(:

Sister Kelley(:
Saying goodbye to Coley:(

Saying goodbye to Ishmael:(

Shaun and Shay (below) I will miss them!!!

Saying goodbye to Kendall and Julia (below) love them!!!

Saying goodbye to Sis Schlosser and my STL Sis Vang (below):(

Sister Packer from my YSA Ward at BYU! She is in GB1 so we will go on exchanges!

Hello Sis Pope!

Calling the fam!!!

Monday, May 4, 2015

From Badger Land to Packer Land

Dear family and friends,

I have like zero time to write this so I'll try to just hit the highlights! First of all.... We got the transfer text on Saturday and I'll be leaving Madison): I am super bummed because I absolutely love it here, but I also feel at peace and completely trust that Heavenly Father knows where I need to be! We found out today that I will be going up to Green Bay to serve as a Sister Training Leader (STL) with Sister Pope! I am absolutely terrified to be an STL, but so excited to serve in Green Bay. I have heard great things about Packer land(:

Nepali Family:
This week we did lots of contacting and tracting in the nice weather. We reconnected with a woman named Sarasoti who had met the Sisters on the bus last summer. We set up an appointment with her and visited her and her grown family. They are from Nepal and shared some of their culture and beliefs with us. They are Hindu, but Sarasoti was interested in learning more about the Book of Mormon. She is very kind and so is her family! They were such kind hosts insisting we had some Nepali drink and as we left they bowed and said 'Namaste' and gave us a few referrals of their neighbors! I love all the different cultures and backgrounds of the people here in Madison - I will miss that a lot!

Contacting at the Farmer's Market:
There is a huge farmer's market up around Capitol Square every Saturday from May - October so it just started up and we decided to go do some contacting up there in the nice weather! We were able to talk with people and even got some compliments on our outfits! Haha we sure had a fun time(: We got some cheese bread and smoothies and took our lunch break on the capitol lawn - so fun!

Goodbye Again?
A part of the mission I wasn't really anticipating was how difficult it would be to say goodbye to all of the investigators, recent converts, less actives, members, companions, and friends you make while out here. It is going to be sooo hard to leave Madison, but I am incredibly grateful for the chance I have had to serve here. It has been such a blessing! These people have truly changed me. During testimony meeting Emily got up and bore her testimony and the spirit was SO incredibly strong. I was just crying and crying thinking about where she was when I first got here and how far she has come. She has changed and now has a solid testimony rooted in the Savior. I am so grateful for her and for all those that I have had the opportunity to meet and learn from here. On Saturday we met with our new investigator Lun Cheng again and taught the Plan of Salvation. After the lesson I was explaining how I wouldn't be at the next lesson and I wished him well with his life and he said, 'it's okay I will see you in the Celestial' and pointed to the Celestial Kingdom we had drawn - ha it was such a tender moment! I look forward to that day, and of course for when I get home and bring you all out to visit and meet these amazing people!(:

Can't wait to talk to you all on Sunday from Green Bay!

Sister Kelley(:
Contacting at the Capitol

Farmer's Market at the Capitol Building

Saying goodbye to Janet:)

Saying good bye to Tianqui Sun our cute neighbor (;

Saying goodbye to Sarah(;

Goodbye to the Feriante family(;

Goodbye to Abbie Dimond(:

Goodbye to Emily, I sure do love her!

Goodbye to Nate Dimond - this boy is an angel!