Monday, April 13, 2015

Jammin' to Kanye

Dear family and friends,

This week was a whirlwind! Hope you have all been doing well(: Glad to hear you guys made it back safe and sound from Orlando - the pictures are amazing!!!

Zone Training Meeting:
The Madison West Zone rules - seriously love the Elders and Sisters here so much! The Sister Training Leaders talked about our mission culture and how we want to be more dignified. Then the Zone Leaders did a training on sacrifice and consecration. They talked about how we need to ask ourselves what our motivation behind our obedience is - is it 1) fear, 2) blessings, or 3) love. Obviously it is good to obey regardless of our motives, but we will be more powerful if we are truly motivated by our love for our Father in Heaven, our Savior, and those we serve. Elder Anderson shared Mosiah 2:34 about how we must render to God all that we HAVE and ARE.' All that we HAVE meaning to make sacrifices and all that we ARE meaning to become consecrated. They invited us to fast for 24 hours and let the spirit guide us as to what we can do to become more consecrated and then to make that change with a 40 day fast. We started with the 24 hour fast yesterday and already I have felt the spirit so strongly helping me to keep moving forward and BECOME better/more consecrated through the power of the Atonement.

Surprise Exchanges:
This week we went on a surprise exchange! The Sister Training Leaders called us and wanted to switch up our exchange times which was great because we had actually got the dates switched on our calendars and had thought they were going to be this week anyway. Turns out we all really needed to go on the exchange and that was definitely a blessing in disguise that we had planned things out accordingly. I got to go to Madison 2nd Ward with my lovely trainer, Sister C and Sister Vang came
here to be with Sister Schlosser. Spending time with Sister Christiansen was just what we both needed! She's been going through a ton lately with family stuff so I was grateful to be there to talk things through with her. She is an amazing missionary and such a great example to me! It's been fun to be able to go on exchanges and see how we have both grown and become better missionaries since we served together. Plus we always have a blast reminiscing old times in Rapids(: I sure will miss Sister C when she leaves in May!

Bussing Probs:
Oh man the buses totally messed us up so many times this week. Ha we had some epic adventures though and even got a new investigator out of it, huge tender mercy! So we took the #14 for a change and it took us borderline out of our area so we were all stressed and had to find our way back and it started to rain super hard. Ha so there we were walking in the pouring rain, completely drenched and a bus miraculously appears and takes us back to Sheboygan! Then we were stranded in this sketchy area late at night because the buses didn't run so we asked directions from this little family and they kindly gave us a ride to the transfer point! The husband driving was blasting Kanye West's new album - ha which was super obscene, but we totally turned it into a teaching environment and prayed/gave a Book of Mormon to them!

Lucy's Baptism:
Gigi's daughter Lucy was baptized this week so we got to help the Spanish Elders set up for that. The service was all done in Spanish and I am happy to report I am starting to understand more and more of it! Hermano Chaupparo is always trying to teach us Spanish and we try to teach him English - it's a hoot! The spanish members are the best(: I got to help with the music, the spirit was so strong I loved it!

Checkin out the Singles Ward:
We got permission to go to the campus ward Relief Society this week with our investigator Sarah - it was super fun! It seemed like Sarah enjoyed it so we are hoping she will be comfortable staying on her own now that she knows what it is like. The YSAs did a great job of fellowshipping her which we were grateful for! I hope you all are great fellowshippers too - if you don't know someone you see at
church, introduce yourself and help them to feel comfortable and loved!

Ring Check:
Seems like we're constantly doing the 'ring check' when we meet people because we want to teach families! Single adults are great and all, but we'll save them for the campus elders(: Ha we work pretty closely with them handing off investigators and giving each other referrals, but this week a hand off went totally awry! So we have been teaching Jianguo for the past month or so, but we got a strong impression that Elder Feist and Elder Christian needed to work with him. At first we didn't want to give him up, but we decided it would be best since he was unmarried and still YSA age. We had a great hand off lesson, but as we walk out the Elders told us that Jianguo had told them separately that he is actually married and his wife lives in Beijing! Say what?! Ha we had NO IDEA!!! So now we are in this predicament of having handed him over to the YSA, but he should actually be in the family ward.. so we gotta sort that one out. Apparently not everyone wears a wedding ring.. or mentions their spouse..

Well that's about it! Thanks for the prayers and support - I've definitely been feeling them! Please keep Sister Christiansen and her Mom (she's battling cancer) in your prayers this week too! The Savior truly brings us strength and comfort during the hard times. Love and miss you all!

Sister Kelley(:

Me and Sister C!

Bus stop in the rain!

After we got home, I'm all drenched!

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