Monday, April 27, 2015

Family History Frenzy

Dear family and friends,

Hope you're all alive and well! This week was great - so many answers to prayers and tender mercy moments(:

Family History:
This week we did a lot with family history! There is a small family history center in our church building so early in the week we went and took a class so we would be better able to answer our investigator's and recent convert's questions about using Ancestry and Family Search. We helped Richard, one of the Elder's recent converts, get his family history information added into Family Search and prepare his father's name to take to the temple this Saturday! He was so excited when we printed out the name(: We also used family history a lot in our finding. We were walking by this old cemetery and there was a headstone with the name Mary Smith on it, my Grandmother's name, so I was thinking about her and had the prompting to talk with this grounds keeper there about family history so we did and he was super open!

Wear and Tear Repair:
This week the strap to my bag completely tore - ha I guess I had too many copies of the Book of Mormon with me or something! I ended up using a hair tie as a quick fix and then yesterday Brother Bush in the ward was able to sew it up for me with his leather tools. Such a tender mercy he was able to help!

Wet Hair and a New Investigator:
We got stuck out in the pouring rain waiting 20 minutes for a bus - ha needless to say we were completely soaked! We hadn't packed our umbrellas or coats and there wasn't really anything to stand under nearby so we just stood there and took it. Ha it was awesome! Thank goodness for my trusty water proof bag! The bus finally came and we got on and just stood in the isle because we were so wet, but this nice man offered us a seat so we went over and chatted with him. His name is Chris and he is from Nigeria - such a cool guy! We're getting him to attend the campus congregation!

Madison Stake Women's Conference:
This week we got to go to the Madison Stake Women's Conference which was all about being happy. It was fun to get to know the Relief Society Sisters in the Stake a bit more and help our people get fellowshipped. Sister Feriante gave us a ride there so we got to help her take down the decorations at the end and chat. I just love her! Oh and as part of the women's conference thing they did all these minute to win it games and had a photo booth thing so I will send pictures..

Lesson on a Park Bench:
Last week we met this guy named Lun Cheng in the park and we set a return appointment with him planning to meet at this cute little park bench. Honestly I doubted he'd remember and I was already thinking about which neighborhood we would go tract when he didn't show up, but then HE ACTUALLY CAME! We sat on that little park bench and taught the Restoration super simply and the spirit was so strong! Lun Cheng is so prepared. He shared with us that just two days before we talked to him in the park he had been praying to God about wanting to start going to church again in the summer - then he met us and we invited him to church! The spirit was really strong as he shared this experience and as we realized we had truly been an answer to his prayer. I am so grateful Heavenly Father put him in our path!

We had interviews with President Cutler this week - ah what an incredible experience. It was just what I needed. He gave me a Priesthood Blessing and I just cried and cried! Ha I am so grateful for the guidance he gave and how in tune with the spirit he is - I felt so much peace and know this is where I am supposed to be!

Recent Convert Temple Trips:
This week Jenny and Gary (who I got to work with in Wisconsin Rapids) and Shaun were all able to go to the temple to receive their Endowments. I am so happy for each of them and grateful for their testimonies and examples!

Well I think that's about it. We find out about transfers on Saturday so I'll let you know next week. Love and miss you!

Sister Kelley(:

Pics from Madison Stake Women's Conference!

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