Saturday, April 11, 2015

Easter AND Conference? What could be better???

Dear family and friends,

It looks like the Orlando trip has been a success(: I loved seeing all the pictures! Enjoy the sunshine and roller coasters these next few days and travel back safe!

Ultimate Frisbee:
Gotta through this in here for Zach - we got together with the zone last P-day and played Ultimate! It was so much fun! Hopefully we'll do it again today in a few hours(:

Cupcakes with Rachel:
On Tuesday we celebrated our recent convert Rachel's birthday with her and her sweet family! It was fun to enjoy a vegetarian meal together. Rachel was telling us about why/how she became vegetarian and how her husband Bob converted over to being vegetarian as well. I teased him about being super good at converting...(: Ha we hope one day Bob will join the church, he's such a great guy! I love that Bob supports Rachel with everything she does - I am grateful for their example of a relationship that works!

Looks Painful:
We were knocking doors this week when we saw this super bright teal house on a corner. There are so many sweet looking houses here in Madison! Ha but anyway we knocked this teal door and met this guy who was in the middle of giving himself a tattoo! It looked so painful! He was super excited to show us this corpse mermaid thing though so we listened then talked to Him about Jesus! Ha good times(:

Directed to Trevor:
This week it seemed like we missed our buses a lot so we'd be stranded somewhere randomly for a little while waiting for the next bus or walking for a really long time to our next appointment. We made the best of those situations though by trying to listen to the promptings of the spirit and talk with the people placed in our path. We met a few solid people this way, but the highlight of the week was when we met this college student named Trevor. His apartment building had stuck out to me, but when no one answered the first bell we turned to leave to catch our bus. Then Sister Schlosser felt prompted to ring the other bell so we did and out came Trevor! We got talking with him and found out he was having a hard time after a bad breakup - we prayed with him and the spirit was super strong! I'm grateful we listened to the spirit and were being diligent despite the buses not working out.

Jada's 1st Temple Trip:
This week we were able to help our recent convert Jada get to the temple with the Young Women! It was fun to bus her to the church and talk to her about what the temple would be like. We told her about the special spirit that is at the temple. I miss being able to go to the temple and hope you are all making temple attendance a priority! We are so blessed to live at a time when there are so many temples on the earth. The temple truly is the House of the Lord, a place where we can feel peace and renewal!

General Conference:
How grateful I am for a living prophet who leads and guides the church! President Monson is such a great Christ-like example of love and service. We are so blessed to get to hear from the prophet and
apostles twice a year - conference is the best! I am grateful for the answers I received and for the strength I felt come from listening to conference. I liked what Elder Eyring taught about fasting and am excited to make fasting a more spiritual experience. I was also grateful for Elder Bednar's thoughts about overcoming fear - fear truly is the opposite of faith! Then Elder Holland and Elder Uchtdorf back to back talks about different parts of the Atonement was SOO powerful! I am excited to study them more in depth and apply the things I learned! We had fun watching conference at the church with investigators, recent converts, a few ward members, and the other missionaries. In between the sessions we had a big lunch and enjoyed talking about what we had learned(:

Easter Sunday:
In preparation for Easter I took the time to study the last week of the Savior's life. I am so grateful for Him and His perfect example. He was motivated by love and performed the Atonement to fulfill the Father's will. I know He lives! He is there to lift and comfort us! Rely on Him. Turn to Him. Find Him. I love my Savior and am so grateful for how my relationship with Him has been strengthened while serving as a missionary!

Hope you all had a wonderful General Conference/Easter weekend - if you didn't get the chance to watch conference check out to catch the messages again then go and apply them! Thanks for all the support and encouragement! Love you guys(:

Sister Kelley(:
Happy Easter!

Near Tenney Park, Lake Mendota

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