Monday, March 16, 2015

Sandy's a girl???

Dear family and friends,

There were a couple days this week I actually went outside without a coat on! I haven't walked around outside with just a cardigan on in MONTHS! In fact, I don't think I ever have in Madison! Ha so yay for the warm weather we had this week(: It got up into the 60's which was fantastic. I guess it will be back in the low 40's this week though, but at least it isn't snowing! Sorry I always talk about the weather... haha probably 90% of the conversations I start with people on the bus have to do with the weather and then I try to casually transition into the gospel so maybe that's what I do with my letters too...(:

Zone Training Meeting
This week we had Zone Training Meeting. It's always so fun to get together with the zone! We talked about the Priesthood and they emphasized doing things to find families! I love that President and Sister Cutler are all about families - Wisconsin needs more eternal families and we are sure trying hard to help with that! After the meeting we went to lunch at Chipotle to celebrate Elder Borgelthous' birthday and then to the Mad 2 building for a choir practice. There are 10 or so of us who are going to be singing on Saturday when Elder Perry comes. I am SOOO excited!(:

Getting Pumped for the 'All Mission Meeting'
I just realized I haven't really talked much about this upcoming 'All Mission Meeting'. So basically what's going on is that we are gathering the entire mission together in Milwaukee on Saturday and Elder Perry is going to address us! I seriously cannot wait! For part of the program a few of us from the Madison West Zone are singing this super powerful arrangement of 'I Know That My Redeemer Lives' so that's the choir number I've been talking about. Anyway it is all super exciting(: We've been preparing as a mission by living what we call the F.A.S.T.
F.east on the Book of Mormon daily
A.ct in obedience
S.anctify yourselves through the sacrament
T.estify with your feet by teaching at least two sit down lessons a day
It has been such a neat experience to unite as a mission and prepare for the coming of an apostle of the Lord! I have learned a lot as I have been making the F.A.S.T. a priority for the last month and now we just have one last push this week! Can't wait till Saturday!(:

Relief SocieTy Tea ParTy
The Relief Society activity this month was a tea party and Sister Feriante went above and beyond with the decorations! I just want her to do my wedding one day - she's the absolute cutest! Ha we helped her set things up on our P-day last week and then the RS dinner was Tuesday night. It turned out perfectly and was well attended, we even had some investigators there!

This week we also had exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders! I love being able to see my trainer for exchanges(: This time around I stayed in Madison and Sister Ostler came with me. I had fun showing her how to bus contact since she has been in car areas her whole mission. We had so much fun and saw soo many miralces - met this super solid guy named Jijean we hope to start teaching. Sister Ostler finishes her mission this week - I sure will miss her! I have loved serving around her and have learned a lot from her example of genuine kindness.

Patience and Faith
So I've mentioned all the fun exciting things from this week, but in all honesty this week was hard. Soo hard. We set a baptismal date with our investigator Tiffany on Monday and on Saturday she dropped us! Moments like this are so heart breaking. We had a few other really promising investigators drop us and cancel appointments this week too so it's been super hard. I've been feeling pretty down about it and wondering why this is happening after all our hard work. Then this morning I read in chapter 6 of Preach My Gospel about the Christ-like attribute of patience. Sister Schlosser and I have been working really hard all transfer to see miracles happen and help people progress, but it seemed like things came crashing down this week. In Preach My Gospel it talked about how patience is related to faith and hope. Reading that seemed like such a wake-up call to me! I know Heavenly Father is preparing families here in Madison to accept the gospel - I just need to be patient, have faith, and keep working. I'm excited for one last push with the F.A.S.T. this week and for the all mission meeting on Saturday. I know this is the Lord's work and He truly is directing it. I am so grateful for the chance to be an instrument in His hands!

Jianguos a Man?
One last story... since it has been warmer outside there have been LOADS of people out and about and they all seem to be in better moods so we've had lots of success talking with people! We handed out tons of #BecauseHeLives cards with our number and address for the church on the back and randomly Jianguo texted us after we had met on the bus. Turns out we also met a woman with a similar name on the bus that day so we got them mixed up and thought she had texted us... We ended up inviting him to the Relief Society Activity and setting a return appointment. Ha thank goodness he didn't show up to the RS tea party, but on Thursday we went over for a lesson with him and realized he's a guy! Ha so then we had to get a member to come and it was crazy, but all worked out! We've met with him twice now and he has a baptismal date for April 18th! If you could keep him in your prayers that would be great!!!

Well there ya have it. I hope you all had a fun week and for all you math nerds out there - that you enjoyed pi day(: We ate at the Cocke's that night - they are both mathematicians so they were all excited that it was 3.1415 this year ha so yay for that. This week we also had homemade pot stickers with the Thurstons! They were good, but it made me miss your pot stickers Mom! Haha love and miss you guys! And happy birthday this week Trev!

Sister Kelley(:

P.S. Hope you enjoyed the subject line boys - with the Jianguo situation I couldn't resist! Haha(:
The sisters serving in the Madison East and West Zones!
Sister Ostler and I on her LAST exchange! She goes home Wednesday!
Yummy potstickers!
Happy Pie (3.14) Day!

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