Monday, March 2, 2015

March Already?

Dear family and friends,

Sister Schlosser and I feel so blessed to have been so busy this week! We've just been praying to be instruments in God's hand and to have lots of work to do. It's taken time, but things are starting to pick up again! We are excited for those we are working with to progress in this amazing gospel!(:

Temple and Family History Work:
It's been forever since I have been to the temple... oh how I wish there was one here in Wisconsin! The temple in Chicago is the closest to us here in Madison, but that is a good 3 hour drive or so. I hope you all appreciate how blessed you are to live so close to so many temples! Go regularly! This week we taught one of Kendall's new member lessons about the Plan of Salvation, but we tied in temples and family history too. We helped her get an account set up on Family Search and begin entering in the names of her family members. What a neat opportunity and sacred responsibility we have to do the work for our own ancestors! I love the temple and am so grateful for the things we can learn there about the Plan of Salvation!

Activity Days:
The Activity Day Girls fed us dinner this week! It was so fun to join them for an activity. They are the cutest! I remember being in Activity Days and loving my amazing leaders and friends. Aww such good times(: The girls had to plan and prepare a nutritious dinner for one of their Faith in God requirements so we had fun talking about eating healthy and staying active. We talked with them about how they could share the gospel with their friends and neighbors. Sister Schlosser and I reminded the girls that they need to prepare themselves and work on developing their own testimonies so they can be ready to share and help others learn more about the Savior. Really fun activity - now I just want to be an activity days leader(:

Wow where to even begin. Teaching Tiffany has been the biggest miracle! We just feel so grateful to have been able to meet her and begin working with her. She is our most promising investigator right now and she has such a genuine desire to know the truth. She has two little kids, a 6 year-old little girl and a 6 month old little boy. She has a strong testimony of God, but doesn't have much religious background at all. As we shared the Plan of Salvation with her the spirit was so strong! She committed to be baptized and we are working with her to set solid wedding and baptism dates. Her fiancé is willing to listen to us as well so we will get to meet him later this week! We are SO excited to teach a family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(:

Stake Conference:
We had Stake Conference this weekend - always such an uplifting experience. I am learning how to receive revelation during meetings - I think it is all about asking questions beforehand and recording the promptings and thoughts that come while you listen. Anyway great meeting and we got to see lots of the other missionaries and President and Sister Cutler!

Choir Practice:
In March the entire mission is gathering together to be taught by an Apostle. We don't know who is coming yet, but we are all preparing and looking forward to March 21st! I am part of a small missionary choir that will sing "I Know that My Redeemer Lives" that day. We practiced after Stake Conference for a while - the arrangement is beautiful!

St. David's Day:
We celebrated St. David's Day with the Feriante family last night! Sister Feriante is from Wales and she made a traditional Welsh dinner of lamb with mint jelly, steamed vegetables, parsnips, mashed potatoes and gravy, the works! Mmm it was soo tasty! Plus she made Welsh cakes for dessert - mmm(: The members here take such good care of us! I hope you invite the missionaries over and watch out for them too! Go to lessons with them, feed them dinner, invite your friends to be taught by them! Haha there is my missionary plug for the week(:

Well I think that is about all! We were just busy talking with people and teaching lessons all week - ha same as usual(: Sounds like you are all doing well - keep reading your scriptures and saying your prayers and all that. It truly makes all the difference! As we make the effort to communicate with our Father in Heaven, He in turn will speak to us and our relationship will be made stronger. Love and miss you!

Sister Kelley(:
Welsh dinner!

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