Monday, March 23, 2015

Madison Round 4

Dear family and friends,

Well good news everyone, I'm staying in Madison!!! Sister Schlosser and I get another transfer together here and I couldn't be more excited and grateful! We've worked hard this transfer and are excited to reap the rewards and teach lots this coming transfer!

Prayer Prompting:
This week we had a cool experience with a less active named Jessie. We found his name on a list in our apartment and decided to give him a call. We had a few different numbers for him so we tried them all and finally got him. We talked for a bit and felt prompted to pray with him. We didn't think much of it until he called us a few nights later expressing that he had been struggling and that since we had prayed with him over the phone he had felt God's love for him and been more determined to resist temptation. We have an appointment set up with him tonight in a member's home which we are super excited about! Hopefully we can help him come back to church!

Future Missionary:
We have been meeting with Debra and Jada a couple times a week to teach their new member lessons and this week we asked Jada to teach us the lesson. She did a fantastic job explaining the principles of the lesson and afterward she told us she wants to be a missionary one day! Aww we about died! Jada is just the absolute cutest 12 year old girl ever and will make such an incredible missionary(:

All Mission Meeting in Milwaukee:
We drove down to Pewaukee with the Madison 4th Ward sisters on Friday night and stayed with the Sefcik family. They were so kind to host us! Sister Sefcik went above and beyond and totally spoiled us. We felt like we were staying in a hotel with all the yummy food and clean linens she had on hand! I got to sleep in a full size bed which was heavenly! Then in the morning we got up and drove the rest of the way to Milwaukee for the meeting. At the last second Elder Perry got assigned to stay in Salt Lake and help get things ready for General Conference so it was Elder Christensen who came to visit us. It was such an incredible meeting - the spirit was so strong! We all learned and grew a ton I think. He taught about the Atonement and how it was possible because of love. At the end we had a small question and answer session and Elder Stewart asked how we could develop a more personal, intimate relationship with the Savior. Elder Christensen responded by turning to D&C 67:10 ahhh soo good. Anyway the whole meeting ruled and afterward we took a picture all together as a mission. It was such a sweet experience to come together and see all my mission friends in one place! I loved catching up with Sister King and getting to see my MTC companion, Sister Escobar who I haven't seen for 9 months! Oh and Sister Christiansen and I sang in the choir together - so fun!

Madison Stake Conference:
We had Stake Conference again in Madison which was weird since we barely had Stake Conference 3 weeks ago, but with the area seventy in town they decided to have another one! Our investigator Choley was kind enough to drive us and our investigator Jianguo made it too! It was his first time at church so we introduced him to some of the YSA Mandarin speaking members and his face just lit up! They talked a ton. We were so grateful Annie and Dan learned to speak Mandarin while on missions and were so willing to fellowship Jianguo and invite him to the FHE and institute activities this week - ahh so awesome! The meeting was super good too - they talked about accepting and magnifying your callings.

Other than that we are just staying busy teaching people and trying to help them progress. We talk with all kinds of different people everyday which is something I love about Madison - so much diversity! Everyone is at a different spot on the journey back to Heavenly Father, but He loves each one of His children and patiently works with each of us! I am so grateful for the privilege I have to represent His son and help His children in Madison, I love being a missionary! Hope you all have a good week and look for opportunities to testify of Christ - love you!

Sister Kelley(:

P.S. Thanks for the granola, it definitely made my day(: Also the weather was nice all week and then we woke up to 5 inches of snow this morning - crazy!
Got to see Sister Escobar after 9 months!!!!!!!! AWWW love this girl!
Got to see Sister King again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are going to be life long friends - seriously love this girl!

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