Monday, February 9, 2015

Sunset on Segoe

Dear family and friends,

Seems like the longest - shortest week of my life. I swear we live in some kind of time warp. We did a lot of finding and had success getting a few new investigators, but then none of them showed up for their return appointments so that was rough. Ha we are still plugging along though. Hopefully we can find some solid people soon!

Snow Storm:
I can't believe it's been like 60 degrees back at home... ha it's been so cold here this week! On Monday it was particularly bad. We were on the bus and got caught in this crazy snow storm. The bus route was supposed to go up this big hill, but we were stuck at the bottom of it for almost an hour! We taught this cool kid named Darnell while we waited though so it wasn't a complete waste of time. I am just grateful we didn't have to drive in it ourselves! I would've been freaking out! Thank goodness for the bus(:

Ping Pong:
A few times a week after our morning run we played ping pong ha it was way fun! What I wouldn't give to throw down on ya up at the cabin(; Also with all this snow I must admit I have missed snowmobiling a TON! Good thing I get home during the winter so we can go straight up to the cabin and hit up the loop!

The Book of Mormon Answers Questions:
This week we had a couple really cool lessons where we taught about how the Book of Mormon answers questions. We asked our investigators to write down a question they had and we both did the same then we read a random Book of Mormon chapter together, discussing it as we read, looking for the answer! We read a different chapter each time we taught the lesson and each time we all found answers to the questions we had in mind. Such a powerful experience! After that experience I decided to try to ask more questions during personal study. So before studies I write down a question then start reading from the scriptures looking for my answer. As I study I take note of any thoughts or impressions in a study journal. Asking questions and then underlining, highlighting, and writing down the answers I receive has helped me be more in tune with the spirit and receive direct personal revelation.

It's transfer time again and unfortunately it's Sister King's time to move on. I sure am going to miss her. I have learned SO much from Sister King and we've become such good friends over the last few months! She has definitely internalized her purpose as a missionary and is such a powerful representative of Jesus Christ. She's been serving here in Madison for 6 months and now she is headed to Wausau to be a Sister Training Leader! I am staying here in Madison and will serve with Sister Schlosser. I don't know anything about her other than she has been out for 2 transfers so she just finished her training. I'm excited to meet her! I am nervous to take over the area - especially navigating the busses! It will be a really good opportunity for me to rely on the spirit though and grow a ton! As Sister King and I were walking along Segoe road when the sun was setting I just felt at peace about transfers and about the work we had done together. Can't wait to continue helping the work move forward here in Madison!

Hope you have a great week - love and miss you!
Sister Kelley(:
Sunset on Segoe
Vince - UW football player - go Badgers!!!
Check out how awesome we look!
Such a fun time!

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