Monday, February 23, 2015

8 Days a Week...8 Months Next Week - Either Way

Dear family and friends,

So yeah, this week happened. Ha each day seems long, but the week seems super short! Things are going well though, still doing lots of finding! We are trying so hard to find people who will progress, people Heavenly Father is preparing! It takes faith and hard work, but we've seen so many miracles - being a missionary is the best(:

Touring Epic
Loads of the people in the ward work for this big company called Epic - it's a huge computer company based here in Madison. Anyway last P-day the Cocke's (a family in the ward) took all the missionaries to tour it! It seems weird to go tour a bunch of office buildings, but these buildings are amazing - look them up! They are all decorated in themes - seriously so great. Wish I could've taken better pictures, but my camera died! Anyway just know it was cool. My favorite floor had fake grass and full size swings! It was wide open with big windows and space to sit and work with a laptop while imagining you were relaxing outside on a warm summer day(:

Right Place, Right Time
Gotta love those moments when you are totally in the right place at the right time! We were on our way to a dinner appointment the other night struggling to find the right apartment complex when we saw a lady coming out of her apartment. We stopped and asked her for directions and she helped us figure out where to go - then we had the opportunity to share the gospel with her! She didn't speak a ton of English and I don't speak a ton of Spanish, but we were able to communicate with her and pray with her! Thank goodness Ishmael taught Sister King and I how to pray in Spanish! We gave her info to the Spanish Elders and hope they will be able to start teaching her!

Madison Zone Conference
The Madison East and West Zones got together for Zone Conference on Tuesday - it is always so fun to see all of the other missionaries! Elders McDurmott and Baird who I came to the field with are serving in the Madison zones so it was fun to talk with both of them. I have now served around everyone I came out from the MTC with except Sister Escobar! We still write to each other and are hoping to be companions again one day(: I also got to see Sister Christiansen and Sister Ostler - they both gave a training about the importance of working with members. I love being able to see my trainer, she's such a great STL! Anyway Zone Conference was great, we talked about the Plan of Salvation and how it isn't possible without the Atonement. We practiced making the Atonement the central point when we teach as well as the principle of eternal families. President and Sister Cutler are incredible(:

Plan of (:
We are taking the lead on teaching Debra and Jada's new member lessons so this week we taught the Plan of Salvation. We implemented the training we'd received at Zone Conference and the lesson went so well! The spirit was definitely there as we testified of the centricity of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It was fun to see Jada answering questions about the Plan and looking up scriptures. Debra and Jada have come so far - love them!

Map Pro
Alright I've got to admit I have never been good with a map.... but this week I got a ton better! Ha this whole navigating Madison on the busses and on foot thing is still hard, but I'm getting the hang of it slowly. Thank goodness for kind bus drivers who help point us in the right direction and help us get off at the right stops!

More finding.... ha we spent time tracting in the cold, bus contacting on the crazy buses, and looking for opportunities to teach as we did service. While helping out at a local food pantry we met this woman named Diona who we were able to talk to and teach about eternal families - such a sweet experience. Then later while waiting at the transfer point to catch a connecting bus we ran into this kid named Darnell who we met and talked with a few weeks ago. He accepted a Book of Mormon when we talked to him this week and gave us his number! Finding is tough work, but we are seeing so many little miracles each day - I know Heavenly Father is directing this work!

Gigi's Baptism
On Saturday there were 3 baptisms in the Mad 1 building! The Spanish Elders have been teaching Gigi and Richard and the campus elders have been teaching Gong Feng. Their baptisms all turned out beautifully. Sister Schlosser and I helped a lot with Gigi's - she is such a sweet lady! Thank goodness for Senora Denny and 9th grade Spanish classes, it was such a tender mercy I was able to remember enough Spanish to communicate with her!

Book of Mormon
I thought I already had a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon, but everyday it just grows stronger and stronger! This week 3 Nephi 15:1 stood out to me about how it is important that we REMEMBER and DO the things we are taught. When we receive spiritual revelation and guidance we can't just think "oh that was nice" ha we need to remember the experience we had and then go out and do something about it! We had a cool lesson with Emily about this topic after I'd found it during my personal study. Ah how I love the scriptures!

Sorry this letter is a bit long... ha just know I'm having a good time out here and doing my best to be an instrument in God's hands! Oh I forgot to mention that Ishmael received the Aaronic Priesthood this week! He is doing so well! Anyway hope you all have a good week. Love and miss you! Hope you get the Beatles reference in the subject line - Sister Schlosser loves the Beatles and sings Blackbird all the time! I prefer 'Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except for Me and My Monkey' ha but anything Beatles is good(:

Sister Kelley(:
Gigi's Baptism
Me & Dr. Suess at Epic

More fun at Epic

Swingin' at Epic

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