Monday, December 8, 2014

Waking Up On The Right Side Of The Bed

Dear Family and Friends,

So this week was jam packed with miracles!!! During the week amazing things would happen and Sister King and I would look at each other and just be blown away by how obvious the Lord's hand is in this work! I am just so grateful to be serving as a missionary - it is such a privilege!

The phrase, "waking up on the right side of the bed" took on a whole new meaning for me when we got a text message from our investigator Kendall on Tuesday morning! She texted us asking when the soonest was that she could be baptized! AHH!!! Needless to say we were freaking out! We were so excited! We called and she explained that she'd been praying a lot the night before and she woke up and just KNEW she had to be baptized! Ha so after that our week was devoted to teaching Kendall, cleaning the baptismal font, and figuring out the baptism details! It isn't everyday your investigator texts you asking to be baptized! Ha this was such a miracle especially considering the fact that when the sisters had invited her to be baptized a few weeks ago she had freaked out and felt like it was too soon! She is so prepared now that she's mustered up the faith to do it and got her answer she knows it's right! Kendall is such an incredible example to me - she doesn't have a lot of family/friend support on this, but she knows it is right and she just wants to help her relationship with her Father in Heaven grow! She was experiencing a lot of opposition from her family a few days after deciding to be baptized, but we had a really powerful lesson with her that helped. Right when we got there we could just tell how overwhelmed she felt, but as soon as we said the opening prayer the spirit was there so strongly! I felt Heavenly Father's love for her pour into the room and after that everything started falling into place. I am so excited for Kendall - she'll be baptized this Saturday!

Success on the Bus:
There are only three Sister areas in the mission that are strictly bussing areas and we are SO lucky to be one of them! Well sometimes when we run late and have to chase after the bus we don't feel so lucky.. ha or when it takes forever to get us somewhere.. but really the bus is such a great finding tool! We talk with tons of people and this week we were blessed to see success come from opening our mouths! We met Liliana, this cute lady from Columbia while we were waiting at the bus stop and we got talking with her and invited her to the ward Christmas party - she totally came and had a great time! On Sunday, Nate, a guy we met on the bus a couple weeks ago randomly came to church - huge miracle! The Elders talked lots with him so that was cool. One night we had a few minutes to wait at a transfer point for our connecting bus so we scouted around for someone we could give a copy of the Book of Mormon to. Sister King and I both felt impressed to talk with this woman so we went up and started a conversation with her, but she didn't speak English! We both knew a tiny bit of Spanish from school so Sister King and I did our best to communicate with her. It went surprisingly well and before our bus came we had told her where our church building was, invited her to the ward Christmas party, and testified of how the gospel blesses families! We gave Latisia's information to the Spanish Elders so hopefully they will be able to teach her! The final bus success story of the week is with Ishmeal - he is just SO prepared! We had a lesson with him at the church this week about the Restoration. He totally accepted everything we shared and was so glad we believed that miracles continue to happen! He asked lots of good questions and at the end of the lesson we extended a soft baptismal date and he said baptism is something he wants to work towards! He came to the Ward Christmas Party and totally love it - he came early to help set up and stayed after to clean up. Ahh we just feel like Heavenly Father is putting people in our path!

Ward Christmas Party:
The Madison 1st Ward Christmas party was a blast! We helped set up chairs and tables for it on Saturday morning and made chocolate chip cookies to contribute to the potluck dessert. Everything turned out really well - the activities committee did a great job! There was a fun program and tons of people came. We had a few investigators show up and a lady we met on the bus came and talked with the Spanish Elders!

Christmas Devotional:
On Sunday night the Seniors, a nice family in the ward, invited all 8 Madison 1st Ward missionaries over for break the fast! It was fun to eat all together and afterwards we watched the First Presidency Christmas Devotional! The devotional was really good - I definitely recommend looking it up if you didn't get a chance to watch it! Elder Christofferson's talk was really good. I liked how they emphasized that the spirit of Christmas is Christ-like love!

Hope you are all getting ready for Christmas(: Take some time to remember the reason for the season - I am so grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ and all that he has done for each one of us. Hope you have a good week - I love and miss you all so much!

Sister Kelley
At the UW-Madison bookstore

the CHRISTmas tree(:

Our Christmas tree in the Christmas corner with the gifts you sent underneath!
Visiting the Allreds and their new baby girl!

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