Monday, November 17, 2014

Transfer Trade Up (New Madison Address Coming Soon!)

Dear Family and Friends,

Man the last few days have been crazy! We got the "transfer text" (which is just a text they send out to everyone in the zone about who is being transferred) on Saturday morning. Sister Christiansen has been here in WI Rapids for 10.5 months now so we were pretty sure she would leave or we would both stay. To our surprise we read the text and found out that I AM LEAVING! I was sooo heartbroken! I have come to love the people here so much and really didn't want to leave right before the holidays! All week I had prayed that the right thing would happen with transfers so that I could learn and grow in order to become the missionary and person Heavenly Father wants me to become. I'm sad that my time here in Rapids is up, but I am so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who is so mindful of me and is giving me this chance to learn and grow in MADISON! Yup that's right, I'm headed to Madison to serve with Sister King who I've heard great things about(: Can't wait for this next adventure!

Learning from Lot's Wife:
I was studying in the Old Testament about Lot and the story of what happened to Lot's wife. Remember that one? She looks back on the wicked city of Sodom and Gomorrah and turns to a pillar of salt! It is so sad that she didn't have enough faith to trust Heavenly Father and leave her old life behind! There's an awesome Mormon Message called "Look Not Behind Thee" that we shared with a few families this week. I totally recommend it! It talks about how we each experience difficult moments when we want to turn back like Lot's Wife. It is in those difficult moments we need to have faith that what is ahead of us will be just as good if not better than what we are leaving behind. Heavenly Father knows what is best and what we need, we just have to have enough faith to trust Him and let Him guide our lives. I love the promise in Helaman 12:1 "the Lord in His infinite goodness doth bless and prosper those who put their trust in Him." I know as we put our trust in Him, He WILL bless us!

Trying to Keep Warm:
The Flinders family have been letting us come over this week to exercise. It has been so nice! They have a couple treadmills and loads of weights! I have absolutely loved it! Sister Christiansen hasn't been able to workout much because of her ankle, but when we go to the Flinders she can walk on the treadmill or lift weights while I run! Oh how I've missed running! It is nice to start the day with a good workout and warm up because outside it's freezing! Seriously though.. it is starting to get sooo cold here. Everyone says it's way colder than normal already and they're anticipating a rough winter... yikes! We layer up hard core!

District Meeting all about Families:
We had a DM all about the Family Proclamation this week! It was awesome! We discussed the roles of mothers and fathers and how they help one another. We talked about good parent examples in the Book of Mormon and shared things our parents had taught us. My favorite line in the Family Proclamation is, "Happiness in family life is most likely to be achieved when founded upon the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ." It is so true. When we center our families around Christ we will experience peace and happiness! I am so grateful for how the gospel has blessed my family!

I don't know if I've ever mentioned this before, but Sister Christiansen and I laugh SO much! Ha her laugh is so contagious and when you get her going it takes a few minutes to calm her down! Ha this week we spent loads of time laughing! I'll attempt to explain one funny thing that happened, but it's probably a 'you had to be there' experience.. Ha but enjoy. So we were visiting April, one of our investigators, this week and her 10 year old daughter Grace asked if she could give us makeovers. We let her go at it and by the time we were finished we were covered in purple and blue sparkly eye-shadow and little barrettes! Ha we looked like super creepy clowns! Then we tried to share a message and we just couldn't stop laughing because we both looked so ridiculous! We probably laughed for like 10 minutes straight...(:

Our Oath:
We were out and about when we felt a prompting to go contact a potential investigator. We knocked on her door and someone looked through the window, but didn't answer. UGHHHH. It was snowing and dark, but we could see someone across the street walking their dog. Cold and disappointed that our potential hadn't answered the door, we headed back to the car. As we walked away we realized we were totally wasting this opportunity to talk to the person outside walking their dog so we went back, but they were gone! We tracted around the area with no luck. Disappointed in ourselves at our failure to talk to everyone and anyone - we made an oath to talk to everyone we possibly could after that! The next day we were walking from one appointment to another and we saw a guy walking his dogs. This time we were ready! We stopped and talked with him which was great!

Saying Goodbye:
I'm really excited to serve in Madison, but I will miss Wisconsin Rapids! If someone would've told me when I got here that I would be sad to leave, I never would've believed them! Ha but I have grown to truly love the people I've met here! I've been so blessed to get to know so many amazing people and to be influenced by their testimonies and good examples. I love how the gospel brings people together and allows us to learn and grow with each other!

Well I think that's about it! I'll write to you next week from Madison! Stay warm, love you guys!
Sister Kelley(:
So here is our cute district...
I am seriously going to miss these missionaries! Love them!
Grace - one of our investigator's daughters did our makeup! HA we look crazy!
Here I am with BeeJay - an investigator in Rapids
Liz, Sister C, and I by the Christmas lights we put up in the snow!
Here I am with Sister Macedon - she's the sweetest lady ever!
Saying goodbye is the worst...): Here I am with the Bauers...LOVE THEM! 
Here I am with the Dubson Family...LOVE THEM!

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  1. We will miss you soo much. .We love you... Love Jen, Gary and Dylan