Monday, November 24, 2014

Tell the Glove Story Again!

Dear Family and Friends,

This week has been insane! I felt like it was the longest/fastest/craziest week of my life!

Farewell WI Rapids:
It was so hard to leave Wisconsin Rapids! I am so grateful for all the experiences I had there and all the amazing people I got to work with. The ward members are incredible and I can't wait to hear about how our investigators with baptismal dates continue to progress! Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday morning were spent running around saying goodbye to everyone, plus I had to pack everything up and get ready to leave! On Wednesday morning we drove to the transfer point at Stevens Point where I got to say goodbye to the Wausau Zone. Saying goodbye to Sister Christiansen was so sad, we've had so many amazing experiences together over the last 4 months. I am so grateful I had to chance to serve with her! From Stevens Point I was taken to Oshkosh with the other transferring missionaries and a few sisters who were going home the next day! It was fun to see Sister Bennet, she served in Adams-Friendship and was in my District during my first transfer, again! She's home now! Then we were divided up according to where we were going and then I was taken to Madison!

Mad Town:
Madison is completely different from Wisconsin Rapids, but I love it! It was so weird to go from a little conservative town to a huge liberal city! Madison has such a 'college town' feel and rightfully so because the University of Wisconsin - Madison is right here! There are so many young people it's awesome! We talk with people all the time because there are so many college students out and about! Our ward is primarily made up of young couples and families studying at UW. At church on Sunday there were probably half a dozen young pregnant women walking around - so cute! The Mad 1 Ward is a lot bigger than the ward in Wisconsin Rapids. I think there are 4 wards in Madison total plus the campus YSA wards. There are 8 missionaries assigned just to our ward. 4 Spanish Elders, 2 English Elders, and us - the English Sisters! Oh another huge difference is the fact that Madison is a bussing area which means we don't have a car! Ha we get to use the busses to get around which is nice because it gives us loads of opportunities to talk with people!

The Glove Story:
I love finding on the bus! It is so much better than tracting! Plus you meet all kinds of people on the bus so it is just fun(: Last night we were on the bus when these drunk guys got on - they were SO out of it! This guy told us a story about how his French girlfriend had special gloves she used when she smoked. He said my gloves looked like good smoking gloves.. ha then his buddy was laughing super hard and kept asking him to, "tell the glove story again!" Ha Sister King and I were laughing so hard! These poor guys were soo drunk and had no clue what was going on or what they were doing. I don't know why anyone would want to be so out of it like that! I am so grateful for the Word of Wisdom - it was totally given for our benefit!

Sister King:
I was really worried about leaving Sister Christiansen right before the holidays! We had insane comp unity and taught well together, BUT Heavenly Father totally blessed me and I am so excited to serve with Sister King! She is amazing! She's from Provo and she went to BYU before coming out on her mission in January. She was actually in the MTC at the same time as Sister Christiansen so she has been out for 11.5 months. She's served in a bussing area her whole mission - one in Milwaukee and now in Madison! She loves sports and is super easy going, we get along really well! This is going to be a great transfer!(:

Hope you all have an awesome Thanksgiving this week and eat loads of turkey(: Thanks for all the letters, emails, and prayers! Love you guys!

Sister Kelley
Goodbye to Sister Wendt - she is such a sweet lady(: Love her!
Goodbye to Ethan and Harley - seriously will miss these two!
Goodbye to Carol! 
She is amazing, love her! I will miss her a ton(:
Brother Newsom made some delicious cinnamon swirl bread for me before I left - mmmmm(:
Brother and Sister Newsom! Love them! 
Sister New is an amazing cook and always had great food and a warm place for us(:
Goodbye to the Grunden family! Definitely didn't want to leave sweet Dylan!
It has been such a privilege to get to know them. 
Definitely gonna miss sweet Gabby and Lilly lots!! We loved helping them in YW!!
Peckham family! They are soooo awesome!
Goodbye to Deb - she's got the cutest twins ever! I will miss her(:
Sister C and I trying to pack... oh boy. Ha THAT was a struggle! I was totally wishing Dad was there to help - seems like he can make anything fit! But we figured it out and got everything loaded(:
Goodbye to Liz! Love her & will miss her! Saw her at 6:45 am before I left!!!!!
Goodbye to Shelley! Love & will miss her too, can you tell I'm sad to leave the Rapids?!?!?! 
Me & Sis. C
awwwwwwwww goodbye to Sister Christiansen!!!):
Sad to say goodbye!!!!! Excited for the new adventure though!
Goodbye to the Wausau Zone Sisters at transfer point!

Hello Sister King!!!

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