Monday, November 10, 2014

P-day Again?

Dear Family and Friends,

Another week has come and gone here in good ol' Wisconsin Rapids! Yesterday we woke up to snow on the ground again so we listened to Christmas Hymns while driving to church(: I'm getting a little scared for the winter out here because I'm already freezing to death... Ha the dang wind is bone chilling!

Exchanges in Wausau:
This week I went on exchanges in Wausau with Sister Jardine! Sister Anderson, the new Sister Training Leader (STL), came to Rapids with Sister Christiansen. It was fun to go to Wausau again and spend time with Sister Jardine. She's an amazing missionary who teaches boldly and simply. I always learn a ton from her. On Tuesday morning we bundled up and went on a sweet hill run, but when we came back we were locked out of the apartment... Ha so that was an adventure! Thankfully the Hmong Elders live nearby and we were able to enlist their help in breaking in! It all worked out, we got on with our day and saw some awesome miracles! We taught a lady named Nancy who I actually met the last time I was in Wausau on exchanges. It was cool to see how much her testimony has grown since then and to realize how far I've come since then as well! Sisters Anderson and Christiansen found a new investigator and had some cool lessons as well! Exchanges are always a good time(:

Wausau Zone Conference in Gresham:
The Adams-Friendship Sisters slept over Tuesday night so we could all drive together to Gresham Wednesday morning, so that was fun! It was good to see everyone in the zone again and we had a great Zone Conference all about the Book of Mormon! Teaching from the Book of Mormon is powerful. I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon and the focused study we are doing as a mission. We had a chance to share what stood out to us with our districts and I learned a ton! I really like Mosiah 27:25-26 realizing that the Atonement of Jesus Christ changes us! We can become so much more through Christ! I am so grateful for my Savior.

Working with the Youth:
A few of the young women in the ward really want to serve missions so they had an activity this week introducing them to Preach My Gospel and talking about missionary life. They asked Sister Christiansen and I to come in and share with them what we did to prepare for our missions or what we wished we would have done and what a typical missionary day is like. We advised them to read the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon, and to start studying Preach My Gospel. The most important thing they can do, or any of us can do really, is to take Elder Anderson's advice from the recent General Conference and realize that, "Now is the time to adjust your own spiritual oxygen mask so that you are prepared to help others who are seeking truth." As we strengthen our own testimonies we will be more capable of helping others strengthen theirs. It was really fun to spend time with the young women - they are so strong! Being a member of the church out here is HARD! They are good examples to their friends and will be incredible missionaries. On Sunday we got to spend more time with the youth when we were asked to teach Sunday school! We had a good discussion about how we find answers and spent some time searching for answers together in the scriptures. Speaking of working with the youth.. Ha we are teaching two teenage boys, Ethan and Harley. They are both super great! Harley doesn't have any religious background at all, but we taught him that he has a loving Heavenly Father and this week he prayed for the first time!!! I am so grateful that we can pray to Heavenly Father and that He is so mindful of us!

Carol's Answer:
This week we were finally able to set a baptismal date with our investigator Carol! I have such a sincere love for this woman - it's crazy! She has been through a lot in her life, but the gospel has truly changed her and given her so much strength! She's been investigating for a while, but her living situation was keeping her from progressing to baptism. This week Carol prayed and asked Heavenly Father what he wanted her to do and what direction she should go in her life. She told us that she immediately thought about moving out so she wouldn't be living with Tim anymore. We were so glad she recognized this answer to her prayer. She filed out a few housing applications, but there are long waiting lists. We are praying she will be able to get into the right place at the right time - this is all on the Lord's timetable! But we have faith that it is possible and that Carol is ready for this next step. We are excited for her to continue to learn and grow, she's great! She even invited a friend to come to church with her this Sunday! She introduced us to her friend Wendy who didn't seem interested at first, but once we started talking with her she lightened up and we were able to give her a copy of the Book of Mormon - Carol is already doing missionary work!

Day at the Doctors:
Poor Sister Christiansen had to get a steroid shot in her foot this week to help reduce the pain caused by her plantar faciitis. The needle was GIGANTIC and it seemed super painful... Dr. Torhorst was super nice though and I got to watch the nurse take X-rays of Sister C's ankle which was cool. I think that kind of stuff is super interesting, but I don't know if I could give someone a shot..

Recognizing Promptings:
We were out trying to contact referrals on Saturday night when the name of a less active in the ward kept popping into my mind. I've been trying to become better at recognizing promptings so I told Sister C that Al's name kept coming to mind. We decided to stop in and see if Al was home, but it seemed pretty unlikely. We've gone to visit this lady half a dozen times and we've never been able to get in. Sister Christiansen has been here for 10 months and has only been able to get in once! So we decided to go visit Al and SHE WAS HOME! She let us in and we had a really good discussion about the Plan of Salvation. Her 16 year-old daughter Haley was also there so we got to know her and when we were sharing the message she was definitely touched. I was super grateful for the prompting I'd received to go see them and that I had been able to recognize it!

Well I think that's about all I've got for ya! Hope you guys are all doing well and staying healthy! Thanks for all the support and encouragement! Love you guys!
Sister Kelley
A death mask of Joseph and Hyrum Smith
and an original copy of the Book Of Mormon
 they had at Zone Conference!
Me and Sister Kunz reunited at Zone Conference(: She was in my MTC District.
Go Cougars!
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
It's Cold! Brrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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