Monday, October 27, 2014

Wausau Stake Conference

Dear Family and Friends,

It's been a whirlwind of a week - I can't believe Halloween is just around the corner! Where has this month gone?! People here in Rapids go all out for Halloween - seriously almost every house has some type of spooky decor up and people have already started carving pumpkins!

Experiences with the Book of Mormon:
This week my testimony and love for the Book of Mormon grew SO much! I've loved reading the Book of Mormon with a special emphasis on Jesus Christ and His Atonement as part of a mission-wide Christmas challenge. While I was reading this week, Jacob 3:1-2 really stood out to me and I thought a lot about what it means to have a firmness of mind. The cross references in Alma 57:27 and Alma 58:40 are super cool - look them up(: Early this week Sister Christiansen and I had the opportunity to attend a Relief Society scripture study activity where we read/answered questions from a few chapters in Mormon and Moroni. I'm grateful for the efforts they made to keep a record of their people and to keep the plates safe! Then later in the week we implemented some zone training we'd received a few weeks ago and taught our investigators Dakota and Jeff about the Book of Mormon by drawing a map of the world and explaining how God revealed things to the Jews and His people in the Americas. We also talked about the similarities between the BOM and the Bible. Both lessons went really well and we were able to commit them to read and pray for a witness of the truth. Oh how I love the Book of Mormon!!!

Bathtub Issues:
The pipes in our apartment complex got backed up this week so we had junk coming up from our bathtub drain! It was super nasty! Our apartment manager is a super nice guy so we got in contact with him and he called in the repairmen. Unfortunately it took a few days for the repairmen to come out and fix it so we couldn't shower... Ha so we washed our hair in the bathroom sink which was an adventure(:

Wausau Stake Conference:
The Wausau Stake Conference was definitely the highlight of this week! It was so cool to see everyone gathered together to receive instruction and be edified. President Worthin, a member of the 70 and the current BYU President, came and gave two super powerful talks! His invitation was to live the gospel joyfully and invite others to act! He talked about how now is the time for us to increase our faith. Faith is not only a feeling, but a decision. We can increase our faith by developing a closer relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ through prayer, studying the life and teachings of Jesus Christ by reading the scriptures, and making and keeping covenants. The entire conference was about hastening the work of salvation and the spirit was soo thick. As we sang the closing hymn I thought my heart was gonna bust open it was so full! At that moment I felt such a strong love for the people of Wisconsin and the members of the Wausau Stake. I just want to go out and serve them!

Priesthood Power:
As if Stake Conference didn't give me enough of a spiritual high - one of our recent converts, Gary, received the Melchizedek Priesthood right after conference on Sunday! Standing in the room with him and his family was such an incredible experience. I felt the spirit so strongly and couldn't stop smiling! Gary has such a strong testimony and will be a great source of strength to his family and friends! I am so grateful for the power of the Priesthood and how it blesses families!

Thanks so much for all the letters, emails, and packages. I love and miss you all very much, but I'm so grateful for the opportunity I have to serve the people here in Wisconsin(: Hope you have a Happy Halloween and a great week!

Sister Kelley
Happy Halloween from WI!

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