Monday, October 13, 2014

Not going to Heaven??

Dear Family and Friends,

How are you all doing?! Hope things are going well(: I've gotta admit this week was a little long at times, but Sister Christiansen and I sure had a lot of fun and saw some sweet miracles!

P-day Adventures:
Alright so I'll be honest.. our P-days basically consist of doing laundry, writing letters, grocery shopping, emailing, and cleaning the apartment all day, BUT last Monday afternoon some members in the ward took us to a nearby game farm! It was fun to drive through and enjoy the bright colors of the changing leaves. About halfway through the farm there was a trail head so we hiked up to this big lookout spot! It reminded me of hiking up at the cabin which made me miss the mountains a ton! It was nice to go on a little hike here though and spend some time outside(:

Painting, Pants, and the Plan of Salvation:
This week we helped Leslie, a less active in the ward, paint her nursery! We'd been to visit her a few times, but while we were doing service she really opened up! She talked about her testimony and her desire for her husband to join the church so they can come to church together. They are expecting their first child together and she hopes this 'big life event' will make him think more seriously about God and want to learn more. She said we can come teach him about the Plan of Salvation in a family home evening sometime soon! Yay! I love doing service! Oh and any excuse to wear pants is a plus(;

Highlight Lessons of the Week:
This week we had some really cool lessons with our investigators Carol, Sara, and BeeJay. Carol is in her 60's and has been investigating for a while now. She reads the Book of Mormon faithfully, but can't be baptized because she has a male roommate... We taught her about the temple on Thursday then we saw her again on Saturday and she said she had been thinking about the temple a lot and really wants to go inside someday! She understands that she must be baptized and be living worthily in order to enjoy the blessings of the temple so we are praying she will have the desire and strength to make the necessary changes! We also taught Sara who is in her mid-20's and is a super cute, hip, young Mom. She's expecting her 3rd child and is due any day! We met her while out tracting and have been over a couple times, but she hasn't taken our lessons very seriously. This week we taught about the Plan of Salvation and she asked some really good questions! We are praying her heart will be soften and that she will be open to learning more! Finally BeeJay. Ha BeeJay is just the cutest Grandma ever! She is very Lutheran, but loves us coming over to teach her new things. We got into a really good discussion about repentance and working each day to become a little better than we were the day before. It was awesome and I felt the spirit super strong for sure. We're struggling to get investigators to want to progress right now, but we are praying the Lord will continue to work with them and soften their hearts! I know as we teach by the spirit their hearts will be touched!

I Guess I'm Not Going to Heaven?:
Oh boy.. this was the worst. Ha we'd gone to see a potential investigator, but she wasn't home so we started tracting around the neighborhood. We noticed a cute house across the street with a car parked out front so we walked over there and knocked on the door. A woman answered and started talking with us... ha she explained that she was Baptist and therefore knew that she had been saved through Jesus Christ and that she was going to heaven when she died. She proceeded to tell us that what we were doing as missionaries was pointless because one cannot 'work their way to heaven.' At that point we were trying to leave, but she noticed the Book of Mormon in our hands and went on about the Bible being perfect how it is and that nothing should be added to or taken from it. We tried to leave, but the woman just kept going! Ha finally she informed us that 'if we continued on the path that we were on we would not make it into heaven...' Ouch. Ha as we walked away Sister Christiansen and I just had big smiles on our faces - we figure if you don't approach and leave the door with a smile you've lost half the battle.

Lincoln High Homecoming Week:
It was Homecoming week at Lincoln High so we heard all about spirit day, the football game, and the dance from the youth in the ward(: On Saturday we helped Liz, a recent convert, get ready for the dance. We had a blast doing her makeup, nails, and hair! It was so much fun and she looked darling(: Her dress was sleeveless, but she made the choice to wear one of Sister Christiansen's cardigans. She's amazing!

Well I think that about sums up my week. We said goodbye to Elder Broadus and met Elder Neville who will be serving here in Rapids with Elder Kirk. We're doing our best to find people who will strengthen the ward and who want to progress. It is cool to see how the gospel changes people - I love how it is changing me and all that I am learning. Being a missionary rules! Keep doing the little things, I love and miss ya all(:

Sister Kelley
Our hike up Sandhill with the Elders!

Sunset on the hill.

Fall is beautiful!

Powderpuff with the Young Women!

Getting ready for Homecoming!

Cute hair-do by Amanda!

Ready for Homecoming!

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