Monday, October 20, 2014

Meet the Mormons!

Dear Family and Friends,

This week went by crazy fast! We did lots of service and taught some really good lessons as well. Just the typical missionary life I guess(: Hope all is well for you guys back home!

Mission Wide Christmas Book of Mormon Read:
At the beginning of the month President and Sister Cutler invited us to read the Book of Mormon together as a mission. What a cool opportunity for us to come closer to Christ and show our faith in Him! They promised reading the Book of Mormon together would help unify us as companions and help us become more effective witness of Christ. As we read we are marking scriptures about the nature of Christ and His Atonement in red and the scriptures about what we need to do to receive power through the Atonement in green. We read about 7 pages a day to stay on schedule which takes a while, but has been so cool! I am learning so much about Jesus Christ and His infinite Atonement! We'll have a red and green marked Book of Mormon just in time for Christmas(:

Zone Training in Wausau and Meet the Mormons:
On Tuesday the Adams-Friendship Sisters (Sisters Ostler and Roper) drove down to Wausau with us for Zone Training. It is always fun to be together as a zone(: Plus President and Sister Cutler came! We had fun talking with them and getting to know the new missionaries who transferred in. During the training we talked about how to make our personal studies more sacred and then got to watch the new church documentary 'Meet the Mormons'! It was so nice to watch a full-length movie! Ha I would definitely recommend it(: I hope lots of people go see it and that it helps non-members understand more about who we are!

Birthday Ninjas:
This week Sister Christiansen and I were super sneaky birthday ninjas! Ha we totally surprised one of our recent converts by heart attacking her family room while she was sleeping in the other room. We are soo stealthy(:

Strictly Service:
We got to wear pants so much this week - it was the best! Ha but really I love doing service! On Wednesday we helped Amber, a less active lady who works a ton, deep clean her bathrooms, assemble her new vacuum, and clean out her couches. On Thursday we helped Sister Stoflet tape her drywall so they can begin mudding and get their new house built before winter! On Friday we helped out at the Rehab Center and on Saturday we helped the Khang family pack up and move!

Mediterranean Meal:
We were invited over to the Bishop's house for dinner this week and they made Gyros - this flat bread with fresh veggies, meat, and yogurt sauce! Mmm! It was fun to get to know the Black family better and we had a good lesson with them where we invited them to pray for one of our investigators. The next day we had an incredible lesson with her and knew it was because of their prayers! When the members and missionaries work together miracles happen!

Miracle of the Week:
Speaking of miracles.. I better explain this 'incredible lesson' we had. We were teaching Carol, one of our most promising investigators, about tithing. We were a bit nervous about teaching this principle to her because her financial situation isn't the greatest. We prayed she would be open to our message and that her heart would be softened. Sister Neukirchen came to the lesson with us on Thursday and it went SO well! Seriously don't think it could have been more perfect. I definitely felt the spirit and know Carol did as well! We began by telling her that the church doesn't have a paid ministry. She really liked the fact that the leaders of the church fulfill their callings because they love the Lord and not just because they want to be paid. We explained that when we pay our tithing the "windows of heaven will be opened to us" then we testified of the blessings we've received from paying tithing. Carol committed to pay tithing when she gets baptized and was talking about baptism a ton! Now she just needs to get rid of her male roommate... Ha one miracle at a time I guess(:

Well I think that's about all for this week! Thanks for the letters and emails, I love hearing from you!

Sister Kelley
I love doing service!

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