Monday, October 6, 2014

General Conference

Dear Family and Friends,

Man, everything this week just revolved around General Conference - it was awesome! I hope you all had a chance to watch it(:

Conference Prep:
Sister Christiansen and I wanted to get our investigators, recent converts, and less actives pumped about watching conference so we taught a bunch of really cool lessons about prophets and receiving revelation to help people get excited! We love object lessons so we came up with a fun one to talk about the importance of going to conference with a SPECIFIC question in mind and preparing to receive an answer to that question through personal revelation. I'll do my best to explain the lesson, but if it doesn't make sense just know it was super awesome and we felt like geniuses because we made it up ourselves(: So we had a bag of bread with a twisty tie, a jar of peanut butter, a bottle of jam, a knife, and a blind fold. We blind-folded one of the people we were teaching then asked them to walk us through the steps of making a peanut butter and jam sandwich. They'd walk us through it, but weren't specific in their instructions so usually the bread never made it out of the bag (because they forgot to tell us to untie the twisty tie) or they'd forget to have us open the peanut butter jar. Anyway we'd unblind- fold them and they'd realize they hadn't been specific enough. So then we'd discuss how we need to ask specific questions in order to get specific answers - super cool lesson.

Watching Conference:
As missionaries we watch conference at the church and are allowed to watch one session in a member's home. We wanted to get loads of people to watch it at the church with us so we told everyone about it! We also promised we'd have hot chocolate chip cookies waiting at the church if they came to watch it with us so we did a lot of baking and had a great turn out - lots of investigators, recent converts, and less actives came! Ha we used Sister Cutler's recipe (which can feed a small army) so we had plenty of cookies to go around(: We also made conference bingo cards which everyone seemed to enjoy. Sister Christiansen and I watched the Sunday morning session with the Rapids Elders at the home of one of the members in the ward. Conference was such a great experience - such a spiritual feast!

Touching Talks:
Picking a General Conference favorite is hard.. they were all so good! I especially liked Elder Klebingat's talk about increasing our spiritual confidence before God. Oh and I thought it was cool that a few different speakers talked about how the Sacrament should be a sacred experience. The Sacrament is such a blessing in our lives and lately I've been trying to make my experience during the Sacrament more meaningful so I was grateful for this guidance. I am excited to talk about Conference with our investigators this week and to put what was taught into action!!!

Transfers - Goodbye to Elder Broadus:
We got the transfer text on Saturday and found out that Sister Christiansen is staying in Rapids! She will have been here for 10 months - that is 7 transfers! Crazy! Her ankle is finally healing though so we are guessing this will be her last transfer here, but we are excited we get to stay together! We celebrated by making a missionary rap(: One day maybe you'll get to see it.. the file was too big to send.. Anyway we are excited to be together, but we are loosing Elder Broadus - one of the WI Rapids Elders in our ward! We will miss him, but he is going to be a great District Leader in West Bend! We are looking forward to meeting Elder Kirk's new comp next week.

Reaching out to the Less Actives:
Another highlight of the week was a lesson we taught to a less active in a member's home. We didn't know this less active very well, but knew she was friends with one of the ward members so we set up a time to meet all together. Being in the member's home made all the difference in the world! We got to know the less active and shared a powerful spiritual message with her. Though it is sometimes hard to coordinate around busy schedules, working with members is key to helping less actives feel loved and important!

Hope you all have a great week and apply what you learned during conference!
Sister Kelley
Our district!

Wisconsin Rapids Elders and Sisters!

Farewell to Elder Broadus!

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