Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Pulling Teeth

Dear Family and Friends,

Well this week is just a blur... we've been so busy I'm honestly having a hard time remembering what happened! Ha but I'll do my best so here goes..

Dental Floss and Door Knobs:
We had a busy week teaching investigators, recent converts, and less actives, but one of the highlights was an object lesson we taught on Friday night. We were visiting a less active lady in the ward and her 11 year old daughter Sophia. While we were there Sophia was complaining about a loose tooth that was bothering her. I had her show it to me and saw that her back molar was literally hanging on by a single root. She was really nervous she might swallow it, but was too scared to pull it out so I offered to help. What started as a joke turned into a fun object lesson and Sister Christiansen and I got to play dentist for a bit! I tied some dental floss around her tooth and Sister C tied the other end of the floss to a door knob and we shut the door and pulled out the tooth very gently(: Sophia was happy her tooth came out and we were happy to tie it into the blessings that come after enduring trials. It seemed to hit home to her Mom and we left feeling quite accomplished.

Tracting in the Rain:
We do a bit of tracting everyday because we have a mission-wide goal of passing out one copy of the Book of Mormon with a specific reading assignment each day to someone who will read it. Going door to door is a bit rough sometimes, but occasionally you find a 'diamond in the rough' which makes tracting worthwhile. This week we didn't find any 'diamonds' per say, but we sure had some fun times! We were out tracting on Saturday afternoon, but were having a hard time finding people who would listen to us. We walked for a long time and still hadn't found anyone. Randomly it starting raining, but it wasn't raining very hard so we kept going. It starting pouring, but by that time we were so far from the car we couldn't really do anything about it. We laughed and thankfully the rain let up after a couple of minutes. Our once straight hair was crazy curly from the humidity and our clothes were damp, but we still had to find someone who would accept a copy of the Book of Mormon so we kept going! The sun came out and we dried out a bit and FINALLY we were able to give a copy of the Book of Mormon to a nice guy named Vince. We went a bit further and met another man who also accepted a BOM - so sweet!

YW Activity:
A few weeks ago we were asked to teach the Young Women about how to care for their bodies. For Young Women's this week we planned a beauty night activity where we taught the girls that our bodies are gifts from God and that we should take care of them. We went over some personal hygiene tips - showering, make up, and hair - then talked about modesty. The activity turned out really well and we all had a good time. We did their make up and hair then had some hand scrub stuff at the end that they all really liked. There aren't very many youth in the ward. I think there are less than 10 young women total! We are trying to find good families to teach to help strengthen the ward, but we are having a hard time finding people who will progress!

Answers to Prayer:
My testimony of prayer was strengthened SO much this week! Sister Christiansen and I saw a couple huge miracles after asking Heavenly Father for help with specific things through prayer. Adrian and Megan, our investigating couple with a baptismal date, aren't married so we have been praying their hearts will be softened towards marriage. We have been praying that they'll get married before the end of the month so they can be baptized on the date we've set with them (September 27th). When we first started talking to them about marriage they weren't planning on getting married until the end of 2016 and just yesterday they said they want to get married within the next 40 days! Ahhh! Such an answer to our prayers! Now we just need to pray that they will get married in the next 20 days or so... We are really working to get a baptism in our area before the October General Conference! I'm so grateful for the power of prayer and know that God hears and answers each of us!

Hope you all had a relaxing labor day and are getting used to the back to school schedule(: I love and miss you dearly! Have a great week!

Sister Kelley
Before we pulled out Sophia's tooth.

The process of tying the floss to her tooth.

After we pulled out the tooth! Remember after trials, come blessings!

Caught in the rain!
My straightened hair turned curly today.
My hair gets so curly here with all these crazy little ringlets everywhere!

Us with Ginny - she's SO full of life, just the cutest!
I love her brother too, we played tic tac toe for 30 min. the other day.

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