Monday, September 29, 2014

Passenger Perks

Dear Family and Friends,

For some reason this seemed like a really long week... I hope the next few days go by quickly because I can't wait for General Conference! I am so pumped!!!

Exchanges in Rapids:
We had exchanges this week so Sister Pearson (one of the Wausau Sister Training Leaders) came to Rapids to work with me for the day and Sister Christiansen got to go to Wausau to work with the other STL, Sister Jardine! I loved getting to know Sister Pearson and serving with her. She's from Cedar, UT and loves to run. We had an awesome morning workout together! We went on a sweet run - I loved the crisp fall air and crunch of the leaves beneath our feet. Great way to start our day! Sister Pearson and I taught some powerful lessons together. I loved learning from her and seeing different ways to do things. Our day was really full, but we ended up having some extra time before an appointment so we decided to tract for a bit. We used a family history approach and it totally worked! We gave out two copies of the Book of Mormon and met this really solid family who want to meet with us again! Such a tender mercy! I can't wait to go back and teach them again! I hope they are the answer to our prayers - we have been trying to find a family who will progress!

Passenger Perks:
While on exchanges Sister Christiansen had to drive! Apparently it went really well and her ankle didn't have any problems so she came back and wanted to drive our car as well. As the Senior Companion she now is the designated driver... aww man! Ha so now I ride in the passenger seat and get to enjoy the pretty fall leaves even more(:

It's beginning to look a lot like.. Halloween?:
I don't know what it is, but people here are HUGE into Halloween. The yards are packed full of decorations and everyone is buying candy! We joined in the festivities by putting up some Halloween stickers in our apartment window.

Less Active Love:
This week we reached out to some of our less actives just to let them know that we love them and want them to come unto Christ. We had a really cool lesson about recognizing the spirit with on of LA ladies in the ward. She has been coming to church a bit more lately and is doing so well - we have been making sure people fellowship her in Relief Society which has been helping a lot! There is another LA in the ward and have been encouraging to read the Book of Mormon and to quit smoking. He has been reading 3 chapters from the BOM every night since we taught him and he was at church on Sunday! It seems like sometimes all the less actives need is someone who loves them and genuinely cares.

I'm Not a Nun!:
While doing service at the rehabilitation center we were able to talk with one of the nurses about what we do as missionaries. She thought we were nuns... ha so typical. Everyone thinks we are nuns. We actually had a really cool conversation with her and invited her to hear some of our lessons! She didn't accept, but she didn't refuse either so we will keep trying! While at the rehab center we also visited Sister Skibba - a 90 year-old lady from the ward who recently had a stroke and was put in the rehab center. She is still kickin and was totally alert when we talked to her. She is such a sweet woman and has such a strong testimony. When one of her nurses was helping her she introduced us to her and talked with the nurse about missionary work! Sister Skibba is amazing - such a great member missionary! I want to be like that when I'm a 90 year-old woman!

Temple Trip:
Two of our not so recent 'recent converts' went to the temple to receive their endowments this week! I wish we could have gone with them, but we are too far away! The closest temple is the St. Paul Temple in Minnesota which is a little over 3 hours away. I wish Wisconsin had a temple! I love the temple and was so glad Sister Krause and Sister Wendt had the chance to go. In the General Women's Meeting broadcast the temple was brought up a ton! We truly are so blessed to be living at a time where so many beautiful temples dot the earth(: I am so grateful for the work that is done in the temple and for the peace felt there.

Follow Up Frenzy:
Alright one last thing.. on Saturday Sister Christiansen and I had a follow up frenzy! We got our list of potential investigators and those we have given a copy of the Book of Mormon to recently and went to town! We contacted a bunch of people on the list and were able to teach Sarah, a young mother, about the Restoration. It went pretty well, but we are still looking for people who are truly interested. We are working with some investigators now, but they aren't progressing at all. It is frustrating! We want them to come unto Christ and experience the fullness of joy that the gospel brings, but people have their agency and sometimes choose not to! We plan to have another 'follow up frenzy' this week to see if anyone wants to learn more!

I hope you all have a wonderful General Conference weekend - we are so blessed to be led by a living Prophet!

Sister Kelley
Exchanges with Sister Pearson!
Decorating for Halloween!
Look how cute!
We supported Dylan, one of our recent converts, by going to his football game this week!
It was fun to watch him play and enjoy the nice fall weather outside!
It has been a lot warmer this week!

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