Monday, August 25, 2014

That's the gas light?

Dear Family and Friends,

Hey hope you're all doing super well(: Sister Christiansen and I both survived transfers this week so we are still kickin it in good ol' Wisconsin Rapids. At the end of this six week transfer period Sister Christiansen will have been here for 9 months! That's half of her mission! I bet she'll leave next transfer though because her dislocated ankle is getting much better. She's off crutches, out of the boot, and now just hobbles around in an ankle brace. She's a trooper!

The Gas Light:
On Tuesday we drove to Adams-Friendship (about a 45 minute drive) for district meeting and on the way back the gas light turned on... but we were in a hurry to make it to an appointment so we didn't bother stopping for gas. The appointment went well, but ran long so we had to hurry over to our next appointment across town and just figured we'd get gas on our way back home. Unfortunately we pushed the poor Jeep just a bit too hard and we ran out of gas while we were driving along the road! I'd never run out of gas like that before so it was a bit of an adventure, but I managed to pull into a parking lot safely and a member brought us enough gas to make it to the station. So yeah next time I guess I should pay heed to the gas light! Ha the experience ended up being a blessing in disguise though because we changed lesson plans for our later appointment with Adrian and Megan and had an incredible lesson led by the spirit! It was so great!

Not one, but TWO baptismal dates:
The miracle of the week came after the crazy running out of gas adventure when we were able to teach our investigating couple, Adrian and Megan. We had a powerful lesson with them and at the end they accepted the invitation to be baptized! Their baptismal date is set for either September 27th or 28th depending on Megan's work schedule. They have been coming to church with their 3 little boys and are progressing really well! We are praying that everything will go smoothly so they can be baptized that last weekend in September. The next major hurdle will be explaining that they need to get married BEFORE baptism... so far we've talked to them about marriage and they plan to be married, but were thinking sometime next year. We are praying their hearts will be softened and they will want to get married sooner! They are such great people and have really strong testimonies already! While teaching them on Tuesday night I truly felt the strong love our Heavenly Father has for them. Sister C and I were freaking out afterwards, we were so excited!(:

Humidity Hits Hard:
In all honesty I really missed my iPhone weather app this week! Ha the weather here is so unpredictable! On Thursday it was pouring rain in the morning so we went out in cardigans, but by that afternoon it was blazing hot! I feel like I'm constantly moist from the dang humidity and my hair can't be tamed - it's just a curly poof on my head! One of our recent converts always teases that my "dry weather hair" can't handle the humidity of Wisconsin. I tried to straighten it the other day and it was just curly again by the time I went to bed. Ha good times. Also on Saturday there was this weird fog/mist stuff that fell all day, but it was still sorta hot. I felt like I was in the rain forest or something! People here say this summer has been really mild and that usually it's hot and humid like it was this week all summer long.

Saturdays = Sunday Prep:
Saturdays have become our "work super insanely hard and see loads of miracles happen" days of the week and I love it! We taught 2 lessons with a member present and had 7 other lessons, contacted 2 referrals, found 2 new investigators, visited 1 less active and 2 recent converts, AND passed out 4 copies of the Book of Mormon! It was a stellar day(: And we definitely saw the fruits of our labors when we had 5 investigators show up at church on Sunday! They even stayed for second hour (Gospel Principles) where Sister Christiansen and I taught chapter 29, the Lord's Law of Health. I love working hard and seeing miracles happen! I know this truly is the Lord's work!

Well I hope you all have a fantastic week! Thanks for all the emails, letters, and prayers - they mean so much! Read Mosiah 2:41 sometime - it's a scripture I've liked a lot this week. It made me think about how keeping the commandments brings happiness. I know as we are obedient we can make it to that state of "never-ending happiness" which sounds awesome!(; Love you all!

Sister Kelley
We do community service once a week at a local thrift shop called Bathesda's. It smells. I found this
hideous cat rain coat and died laughing. It was well worn - you could tell somebody truly loved that thing.
Sorry there aren't a lot of pics this week, we've been teaching all day everyday!

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