Monday, August 4, 2014

I'm One Happy Missionary

Dear Family and Friends,

Greetings from the wet little city of Wisconsin Rapids! It's been pouring here today so driving was a bit sketchy, but we've been able to do our laundry, grocery shopping, and make it to the library to email so life is good(:

The Adams-Friendship Missionaries:
This week we got to drive to Adams for district meeting! We've got 8 missionaries in our district - 2 sets of Elders and 2 sets of Sisters. Elders Williams and Hadlock are serving in Adams and Sisters Bennet and Roper serve in Friendship. Then there's Elders Broadus and Kirk who serve with Sister Christiansen and I in Wisconsin Rapids. We switch off locations for district meeting each week, but this time it was in their area so we got to drive through part of the great Wisconsin wilderness! Ha it really seems like a wilderness of sorts because there are SO many trees! They're everywhere along with the many random little lakes and streams. Wisconsin is a pretty place, but I sure miss the mountains! Anyway district meeting is always fun because the other missionaries serving here rule! It is fun to hear about their missionary experiences and to learn and grow together. Elder Williams, our district leader, taught about how to use the Book of Mormon more effectively in our teaching. In Preach My Gospel is says "the Book of Mormon, combined with the Spirit, is your most powerful resource in conversion" (page 104). I thought that was super powerful and want to encourage each of you to spend time studying the Book of Mormon this week. I know it will help deepen your own conversion.

Faith to Find:
As part of our daily study we have what is called "12 Weeks Training" which is just a manual my trainer and I study together. It goes through the fundamentals of missionary work and we role play a bunch of different situations to practice what to say and how to say it. This week part of the training was about developing the faith to find people to teach. Sister Christiansen and I studied this section together then had a really cool tracting experience where what we had studied totally applied! So we were knocking doors trying to give out a copy of the Book of Mormon without much luck when we saw a nice old lady outside who was trying to set out her garden hose. We were excited to see someone outside and thought she'd be the one for sure! Unfortunately, she really didn't want to talk to us and sent us on our merry way almost immediately. We kept walking though and had faith that we'd find someone we could give a copy of the Book of Mormon to and BAM! We met a lady named Tricia who was outside smoking and playing with her grandson. We got talking with her about families and were able to get her number and will be teaching her sometime in the next few weeks! It was such a great testimony building moment for me as I realized that if I have the faith to find, Heavenly Father will make it possible.

A Full Pew at Church:
We were pretty bummed when none of our investigators showed up at church this week so we sat down in the chapel with a young mother and her kids. Then while we were singing the opening hymn, an investigator family we've been teaching walked in! They filed into the seats next to us and as I sat squished next to Sister Christinasen I just couldn't help smiling! I am one happy missionary! They stayed for all three hours and had a great experience. The ward was very welcoming and the little boys loved primary. It was awesome! I can't wait to see how Adrian and Megan continue to progress.

Greenie Meal:
This week we had some pretty delicious member meals, but the highlight was with the Flinders family last night for Break the Fast. Since I am a new missionary or "greenie" they served what they call the "Greenie Meal" where all the food is green! They made green eggs and ham, green potatoes, green waffles, and a green fruity drink. The members here are so good to the missionaries - what a fun missionary tradition!

Oh one more thing that happened this week... I officially reached my 1 month mark! Hooray! To celebrate, a member family is taking us to tour the local cheese factory in a little bit - ha should be a real adventure(: Hope you all have a great week!

Peace and love,
Sister Kelley
Sister Bauer took us to lunch at Jim's BBQ. Pulled pork sandwich, mmm!

Sister C and I. We use this picture on our missionary board.

My first Culver's experience! Culver's is way popular here.

My "greenie meal," it was super tasty!

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