Monday, August 11, 2014

Greetings from WI Rapids

Dear Family and Friends,

Man this week flew by! Here are some of the highlights...

The Cheese Factory:
Last Monday a member family in the ward took Sister Christiansen and I to tour the local cheese factory. It was cool to see how cheese was made and check out all the weird varieties they produce. Some of the weird ones were the jalapeno, blueberry, and chocolate cheese! I finally tried 'squeaky cheese' and must admit it was a bit strange... Ha we got ice cream afterward and talked with the ice cream lady for a while. People in Wisconsin are really passionate about their dairy products!

Old Fat Book = New Favorite Book:
During personal study this week I spent a lot of time learning more about the Apostasy. The light of the Restoration contrasts the darkness of the Great Apostasy so intensely, it's crazy. PMG suggested studying from Talmage's Jesus the Christ, but I must admit I was a bit intimidated to actually open up that book... IT'S HUGE! Ha but I decided to read chapter 40, "The Long Night of Apostasy" and found it to be super insightful! It was cool to understand the history of what was going on and why a reformation wouldn't cut it. I know that Christ's church truly has been restored to the earth in these latter-days and I am grateful that it will never be taken from the earth again.

Oshkosh... Oh my gosh:
This week we traveled to Oshkosh to attend the new missionary training meeting. We drove down on Thursday and stayed with the YSA Sisters in Manesha before driving the last little bit to Oshkosh the next morning. Oshkosh is crazy. There are soo many roundabouts! The GPS had to redirect us a bunch! Ha but eventually we made it to the Stake Center and met all the new missionaries from my MTC district, their companions, the AP's, and President and Sister Cutler. It was fun to see all my MTC buds again, especially Sister Escobar! I love her! The training was really helpful and definitely motivated me to keep progressing. Because there are so many different parts of missionary work and so many high expectations I feel a bit overwhelmed and inadequate at times, but I am determined to do a little better each day! I know that if I am doing my best the Lord will take care of the rest - this truly is His work!

Anticipating Miracles:
After training Sister Christiansen and I were super pumped! We set some really high goals for ourselves and prayed that as we worked diligently we'd be able to accomplish our goals. So we set out the next day and worked as hard as we could and sure enough.. miracles happened! We were given a service opportunity to help a recent convert with some yard work, visited a few less active members, invited an investigator to church AND THEY CAME ON SUNDAY!!! We were discouraged that the referrals we tried to contact weren't home, but we tracted in those neighborhoods instead and found a new investigator! After all the role plays we had done the day before at training, I felt confident as I taught and was able to pass out a couple copies of the Book of Mormon with specific reading assignments as well. I was so grateful for the miracles we saw and can't wait to see what this weeks brings!

Hope all is going well back home! Thanks for the letters and emails, they always make my day(: Love you lots!
Sister Kelley

Visit to the cheese factory!

Chocolate Cheese!

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