Monday, July 28, 2014

Bugs, Bars and Bingo

Dear Family and Friends,

Week two in the Wisconsin Rapids area went by pretty quickly! Sister Christiansen and I are always meeting with investigators, less actives, and recent converts so there is never a dull moment!

Tracting in the Humidity:
Thankfully we have a pretty big teaching pool at the moment so we don't have to do a lot of knocking doors, but when an appointment falls through... tracting it is. We tracted earlier this week when it was super hot and it was so miserable! The humidity makes everything feel sticky and it seems like my hair never dries after I shower! Ha but we had another tracting experience later in the week when it was cooler and that was much more enjoyable. We were able to talk with a few people about the gospel and give them a copy of the Book of Mormon. We are hoping to find a golden investigator because right now our investigators aren't progressing much. They all have law of chastity and/or word of wisdom problems and aren't ready to change. We have a few hopeful contacts though so we will keep working!

Meat and Potatoes:
The members of the ward are really good about feeding the missionaries. We eat at a member's home about 3-5 times a week. Each meal I've had has been different, but they almost always serve meat and potatoes in some form or another! Ha it's a Wisconsin thing I guess! Oh and they refer to dinner as supper so we have "supper appointments" all the time! One of the members made us a "s'more stuffie" which I can only describe as chocolate, graham cracker, and marshmallow filled calzone - it was so good!

Bugs, Bars, and Bingo:
So I guess I should explain the subject line of this email.. ha the mosquitos here are so evil! We had a lesson outside the other night and I was eaten alive! My arms are covered in mosquito bites, but I've been using anti-itch cream so at least they aren't itching anymore! Thankfully mosquitos are the only bugs that I've seen, so hopefully it'll stay that way! The bar and bingo thing happened when Sister Christiansen and I were helping out with bingo at the local rehab center. I was talking with one of the ladies there and she asked if I'd been to the nearby bar. I told her I hadn't and she was glad and proceeded to advise me not to go sneaking into a bar because I was much to young for that kind of nonsense. Ha I promised her I wouldn't sneak into any of the local bars anytime soon(:

Hope Anchors the Souls of Man:
This week we taught a really cool lesson to a less active member about hope. We shared Ether 12:4 which talks about how faith comes from having hope and how that hope can be an anchor for our souls. No matter what we are going through we can turn to our Savior who knows exactly how we are feeling. As we turn toward God and rely on Him, He will help us make it through the hard times!

I am so grateful to be serving as a missionary at this time! This gospel is perfect and Jesus Christ is our Savior. He loves us each individually and understands us perfectly. I love and miss you all and hope you have a great week!

Sister Kelley

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